MFCT is on tomorrow, Sun 27th May. 

Qi Gong proved popular again – maybe we should do a monthly session at least! Thursday is one more class with Bhikkhuni Santussika.

Sunday June 3rd, Phra Pandit will be leading the World Fellowship of Buddhists monthly forum. The topic is 


  The Buddha and the Philosopher :
how the philosopher/psychologist Franz Brentano helps the understanding of Englightenment


(Phrom Phong


June 3rd

Brentano was the charismatic teacher of Husserl (who started the Phenomenology school of philosophy), Freud, and Wertheimer (who started the Gestalt school of psychology) – and many other big names of the day. We’ll look at his key contribution, and how it realates to the idea of Samsara, and finally how it helps us understand what the Indian idea of Enlightenment might be.