Quick Note: 
Monday 23rd at our new centre in Ekkamai, we will host Ajahn Sundara again – she is spending her last week in Thailand with us. At almost 40 years in the monastic training in the UK, she has lots of wisdom to share with us. CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS
There is also a new dharma talk on the DOWNLOADS page – took months to make the video, but it gets easier the more one practises (see!). Subtitling should help non-native english speakers and the deaf.
 Currently we are meeting every Monday in Ekkamai 7-8:30pm, and every Thursday in Ariyasom 6:30-8:00pm. Plus the weekly course for those signed up. That’s quite a lot gong on!
Look for our Songkran festival in April, and also Qi Gong with a visiting Japanese teacher in late April
A fun first evening with Ajahn Sundara:
Next up, Thursday 26th at Ariyasom

click for the photos

 There is a special retreat announced with Ajahn Pramote – he is one of the most prominent Thai Forest Masters in the current era. DETAILS HERE