This Thursday head to your local temple – it is the ‘End of Vassa’ day – also known as ‘Pavarana Day’, which means forgiveness. Not universal forgiveness, though that’s pretty good too, but forgiveness from those you have lived with over the last 3 months. It is the end of the 3 month period when monastics stay in one place every night and undertake special trainings. 

Friday is ‘Tak Baat Tewo’ which is a special almsround day. You can offer alms to monks on the streets in the morning, or in the temple. This is a bigger day for public engagement than the previous day. 



This Sunday is the next installment in Mary and Denise’s ‘Meditation for Challenging Times’

Please note that Monday 13th November there is no meditation at Ekkamai – Instead we will host Ajahn Amaro at the Rojana Center. It’s on the calendar. Event details will be announced soon, but the date is fixed!