bkk-postThis Saturday is the final in this year’s ‘Original Buddhism’ course. We’ve been looking at actual, original teachings from Buddhism – as close as we can get to the words of the historical Buddha himself. The final class is on one topic close to many people’s heart – Sense Desire.

You can find the translation of the original sutta here. 


Our Sutta class series is continuing as planned. But please wear dark colours or white to respect the mourning period as announced.

original-buddhismA Short Course in Early Buddhist Texts, Saturday afternoons @ the Rojana Center.

Forget all you heard and thought about Buddhism, this course will deliver the actual teachings in their original form.

Join us Saturdays. Click below for details:

Marisa will be joining us live again this November for 2 special ‘Mindfuness in movement’ sessions – with Qi Gong and meditation.





18-24 Feb is a trip to Myanmar holy places with one of our regular guest teachers Grahame White. A few ppl from Bangkok have joined his trips before, and report they are well organised: