Quick Note: 
We have no Thursday meditation on Thrs 25th (Xmas day) and on Thrs 1st Jan (New Year’s Day)
Weekly meditation will be back with a new schedule in the new year.
After a maniac month organising 14 dhamma events in 21 days, plus teaching classes at University, Phra Pandit is taking some time off. Yes, even monks need a rest from time to time.
No one likes to become enlightened over the holidays anyway! 


Note – Thrs Jan. 22nd through to Sunday Jan 25th we will hold a meditation retreat on the beach at Rayong with one of our favourite meditation teachers Mae Chee Brigitte. Dates are fixed. Book your time off. Start the New Year in a mindful way!
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For those of you who would like to get started with meditation, we will run an 8 week beginners meditation course in February and March. According to Harvard University, this will actually change your brain structure! (presumably that is a good thing!?!)
The course involves a meeting every Saturday morning, and daily meditation exercises that you complete at home. We’ll lead you step by step, little by little each week. There is no course fee, but you will be asked to register and commit to trying it out.
Full details of the programs in the new year will be added in January. Have a good holiday season.
in the meantime, here are some of the highlights from 2014: