Zen club is coming up again, on Sun 7th August – topic is Zen Humour.

Marisa is here again for a couple of weeks – she will lead Qi Gong in person for us.
In all the years I spent meditating and living in the temple, I never found anything so useful for meditation as Qi Gong – it gets you right into the body, and helps you to sit meditation comfortably. You do not need to be young or flexible (physically anyway) to do Qi Gong – it is performed standing up and can be practiced by ppl of any age.


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It’s not too late to join in our Indian Buddhist philosophy course with Georges – so far it’s been very clear, and not without humour! Though at this point, some background knowledge of Buddhism would be helpful. Click below:



Also new – Qi Gong and mindfulness meditation every Thursday from now until eternity …


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New in the growing stable of video offerings …