We had a great time learning about Indian Buddhism with Dr Georges Dreyfus over the last 6 weeks. It’s nice to do something in depth for a change, and that appeals to the academics. Our Sangha is for all avenues of Buddhism and meditation. The link remains up here, for those who did not download all their readings yet.

There were lots of photos, all here



We have been working hard on the Qi Gong & meditaiton meetups on Thursdays; now we have a newly filmed, and shortened Qi Gong routine, with crisp audio. Qi Gong is a movement meditaiton in itself, but also is a fabulous aid to sitting meditation practice, especially for those whose bodies are a bit older and stiffer than us young folks. Come try it. This is the only Qi Gong meetup in Bangkok:


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New in the video library: