We’ve 2 special Qi Gong sessions with Bhikkhuni Santussika – Qi Gong is a great form of moving meditation; see how the sitting is so much better after the Qi Gong! We will sit for 30 minutes after the session. This is a new Qi Gong teacher for us, so will be interesting for those who are accustomed to Marisa’s style (Marisa is our other Qi Gong teacher).

MFCT – or Meditation for Challenging Times, is back this month too. Led by Mary and Aarti, but with Bhikkhuni Santussika helping out. It’s a different format, and we like to mix things up a bit. Bring some food to share!

You might see that  Buddhism has been in the news again- most recently here

The ongoing story is that the Ministry of Buddhism, which was moved some years ago from the Ministry of Education to being directly under the Prime Minister’s office, is given a budget of several billion baht annually. Some of this goes to building funds at chosen temples. It turns out that officials have been granting the funds to certain temples, if 70-80% of the grant is returned to the officials. 
Yes, just because it’s Buddhism, does not mean there is no corruption. The question is, if monks agree to return  money, are they colluding in embezzlement? It is the officials who pocket the cash, not the monks. There is no suggestion that remaining funds given to the temple are not used properly towards the use they were intended. 
So are the monks guilty too? It is for a court to decide, as one is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty – as the police Lt Col, says.

In the meantime, the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand reminds monks that they are subject to the laws of the land on one level, and then the Vinaya on a higher level.