’09 Predictions

Aside from failing banks, increased government presence in financial markets, re-rising fuel prices, a more peaceful US foreign policy under Obaama – what will change in ’09?

Here is one bold prediction (you heard it here first). The end of Global Warming. And thankfully too.

The world was indeed warming up, but in the words of Electrical Cosmologist Wallace Thornhill, it has nothing to do with

farting cows or SUVs

The Earths temperature fluctuates according to the electrical connection with the sun. Same for many of the other planets, such as Mars or Pluto. Mars in fact, is on NASA record for heating in the same phase as Earth, albeit in a more exagerated fashion, despite the lack of Co2 producing factories. Venus, our ‘sister’ planet with the ‘runaway greenhouse heating’ actually is hotter than than the suns rays that fall on it and sheds far more heat than actually lands on it, both on its sun side, and the dark side. Add in a thick layer of super reflecting white clouds that totally  shroud the entire planet and the ‘runaway global warming model’ for Venus becomes absurd.   With a 200 daylong ‘day’ it is quite remarkable that the dark side literally glows with heat. As for the gas giants, with their super-roataing winds that whip around the equators at speeds faster than the rotation of the planet, ‘solar warming’ models of convection currents simply fall flat as an explanation when the Sun is so far off it is a mere blob in the darkness. Did you know the hottest places on the Gas Giants is actually their poles ? Thermal solar models do not work – this has nothing to do with solar heating or greenhouse effects.

On the Right Tracks

There are explanations for all these things, and it lies first in accepting that our stars and planets bob in a space plasma. Plasma is ionised particles (imagine as a gas, even though it is a fourth state of matter entirely) through which electrical currents flow. These currents connect and power the stars and planets. It is a whole new way of looking at cosmology, and it means that our planet is at the whim of the electrical/plasma environment in which it finds itself. A precarious position indeed, since this environment can change at any time.

Clockwork Universe

Westerners, from the Greeks onwards, liked to isolate things to see their function. It is called Occam’s razor, and the principle is that you look at a phenomenon in isolation from its environment presuming that all other things remain equal. It is the basis for science, and is only now being recognised as being something of an obstacle (see ‘Geography of Thought’ by Richard Nisbett for a psychological explanation of this and its consequences) with a move towards ‘systems thinking’ instead. This Greek tendency subtly introduced the presumption of a ‘clockwork universe’ that ticks along in the same manner, with the same rules, for billions of years. The Electrical Cosmos is a much more unstable place – with externally powered stars, changing gravity (ditch the gravitational constant), swirling space plasma, and massive exchanges of charge between the orbiting bodies. And of course, a varying climate.


What has this to do with Buddhism? We have to step back momentarily to bring  in Einstein’s good friend, the scientific pariah Emmanual Velikovsky. He looked through the world’s mythological literature and came to the conclusion that within human memory, the Earth had experienced massive upheavals, or ‘catastrophes’. He outlined this idea in ‘Worlds in Collision’ in 1950, excommunicating himself from science for evermore. He simply stated that our record of the past, from our ancient civilizations, suggests massive catastrophes at an unsettling regularity of occurence. Amongst other things, one consequence of this was he predicted a hot Venus. He could offer no explanation of how or why these world bending events happened, only that our record suggests that  they have. Only in very recent times have cross-lineage studies begun to coalesce into a formulated theory. The Electric Universe.


Buddhism in fact, is one of those records that Velikovsky studied that describes the Earth in a state of constant catastrophe. It describes periods when the seas dry up to bare desert, or the continents are flooded entirly. When fires sweep the world, or even when the dimensions all fold up and the worlds disappear – only to unfold and reappear layer by heavenly layer. The Buddha was a Catastrophist.

As with all things, the Buddha’s angle was one of practise. The idea that the world is in a precarious balance, and prone to catastrophe that has nothing to do with man’s effect on the biosphere, was outlined only to make us even more grateful for our chance to study and practise for Englishtenment. It is not a matter that requires belief in any way however, you do not have to be a Catastrophist to be a Buddhist.

Pesky Cows

In the meantime, what about our airconditioners ? In all liklihood the Earth is now in a cooling cycle, and we are off the hook for the time being. Global Cooling is here already, as Wallace Thornhill reported suggested several  years ago. The unfortunate consequence of this will be a slackening of efforts to find renewable energy sources. Rising oil prices won’t stop the building of more coal power stations once the ‘carbon footprint’ loses its significance. And we will be breathing the choking fumes of traffic and industry for a long while to come. And cow flatulence too of course.

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