Sayadaw U Janaka

You will likely know the name of Sayadaw U Janaka. He is one of the very top figures in Burmese meditation, and is the teacher of our recent invitee Jeff Oliver, and of U Vamsa (who did some talks for us last year). He is a direct disciple of Mahasi Sayadaw. He is in Bangkok right now, and there is a celebration of his efforts teaching Vipassana over the last few decades. He will be 81 this year, and so this is a real chance to meet one of the world’s true meditation masters. Day’s event is free of charge, and received  information is as follows:

As the Venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw U Janakabhivamsais approaching the age of 81 years old, his disciples are planning to organize a celebration expressing gratitude and homage to the Venerable Sayadaw, who has tirelessly taught Vipassana Meditation to the Thai disciples for almost 20 years.
The celebration and exhibition “Chanmyay Sayadaw 81st Birthday Commemoration
will be held at Boonyong Building, The Young Buddhists Association of Thailand (Petchkasem54) on
26th November 2008 as per the following schedule : –

  • 9:00 Invite Venerable Sayadawto commence an exhibition “Venerable Sayadaw’sBiography
    and Accomplishments”. There will be many unseen photos and information collected
    from Myanmar showing in this exhibition.
  • 9:30 Invite Venerable Sayadaw to the DhammaHall.
  • 9:40 Show Video “Venerable Sayadaw’s Biography and Accomplishments“.
  • 9:50 Disciples present flower garlands to Venerable Sayadaw greeting their gratitude.
    Each disciple will get souvenir that specially prepared for this event from Venerable
  • 10:45 Venerable Sayadawgreets his appreciation and blessing.
  • 11:00 Offer lunch to Venerable Sayadaw and honorable monks.

Snack box is also available to all guests who book
May we invite all Venerable Sayadaw’s disciples to join this event showing our great respect and commemoration to Venerable’s loving kindness.


Note for little bang: it is a bit late to book now, but I am sure it is ok for any of us to go along anyway, but the ‘snack box’ is not guarenteed.  I will be there in the morning, and will taxi over to Sukhumvit Ekamai around 12:30.

Petch Kasem is in Thonburi. You can get there easily from Wong Wien Yai.

You can take any of the bridges over the Chao Praya.

  • Saphan Phut Bridge – to Wong Wien Yai and turn right. 5 miles from bridge
  • Saphan Taksin (Sathorn) Bridge (fast once over the bridge on the new roads) 5.5 miles from Bridge
  • Saphan Krung Thep Bridge (Rama III ) 4.7 miles from bridge. Usually the fastest, but longest route.
  • Saphan Pinklao Bridge via Jaran Sanitwong road 7 miles.

Once you are over the river it is usually quite clear; Rama III is generally the fastest, if longest route. All drivers will know Petch Kasam road since it runs all the way out of Bangkok and towards Kanchanaburi. It is very well known, but you pronounce it Pet Gaseim (rising tone on Gaseim). There’s no point in taking the map below with you, since the roads are all majour new roads and you can’t really get lost. Once you get to soi 54 you might be best taking a motorcycle since they all know the YBAT centre.

The Centre is called YBAT in English, or Yuwaphut in Thai. It is a large and very busy centre, that we will have more connection with in the near future. Go along Soi 54 for 700 meters (half a mile) until you come to the end of the road and are forced to turn. Take a right. The road will make you take a left a few meters down. Total distance down the soi is 788 meters, or half a mile. Centre is on the right.

Click pictures for larger version:

map to ybat meditation center in Thonburi, Bangkok