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Ajahn Wimoak Workshop — 2 Comments

  1. It seems to me Ajahn Wimoak offered an english meditaion program every 3rd sunday of the month @ soi 1 starting 8am. Does anybody have further info on what the schedule/format would look like (ie time ending…)

  2. I gather he is going to try and do something every month, one day in Thai and another in English. He is a little haphazard when it comes to schedules, and does not really stick to them. The starting time is fairly definite, and the meal time for sure. It seems that the end time is more flexible. Certainly it is over by late afternoon, by 4 or 5pm.

    He does have other things going on, not least of which is his PhD and trips to be with his own teachers, so it is not quite a definite monthly program.