2010 Dhamma Talk Series

After much delay, and frantic organising, this year’s Dhamma Talk series starts Sept. 23rd:



…in the frame of Mindfulness

Dhamma Talk Series

with British Monk Phra Cittasamvaro

at the Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand

(Thong Lor BTS Station)

running for 6 Thursday evenings….



Through the Little Bangkok Sangha, for 6 Thursday evenings British Buddhist Monk Ven. Cittasamvaro will give a public dhamma talk, on topics related to the Buddhist practise of ‘Mindfulness’.

Held in the splendid air-con hall at the Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand 2 minutes walk from Thong Lor BTS. Free of charge, and open to all. No need for advance reservation


‘Mindfulness’ has become a catchphrase of modern yoga, psychology, meditation and healing traditions. It involves a Zen-like ability to watch closely your thoughts and emotions; an ‘enhanced awareness’; a ‘non-judgemental attention; ‘seeing things as they are’; being rooted in the present moment … and other descriptions. Taken up by non-Buddhist psychologies it is being extensively researched and successfully applied in various secular ways. 

How it works, in the original context, provides a framework for an express tour through the basics of Theravada Buddhism, where this aspect of awareness all started.

Each week will cover a different topic, complete in itself. So if you miss one or two weeks you will not be left behind. However the topics will follow a sequence, so try to come every time.

Hopefully the talks will be light, warm, and easy to understand, even if you have no prior knowledge in Buddhism. They should also offer something new for those who are familiar with Buddhism, bringing in some references and comparison to psychology, and even faerie tales ( more on that later ). Most importantly, it should be fun


41 year old Ven. Cittasamvaro has been a British Bhikkhu (monk) in Thailand for 14 years. Ordaining in Rajaburi Province in 1996, he has since moved to Bangkok where he studies and teaches at the Monks University.  He practised with various teachers before settling in Thailand. 

This is the fifth year giving a Dhamma Talk series in Bangkok in the Rains period. For the last 3 years he has been leading the Little Bangkok Sangha, arranging various talks, retreats and workshops around Bangkok, and inviting different speakers and meditation teachers.


The Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand is a very pleasant venue – and it couldn’t be easier to get to. Walk 2 minutes from Thong Lor BTS Station, down Sukhumvit Soi 38 and turn right along the passageway.

Click the map below to enlarge it:

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Passageway to the Pharm. As. Thailand
Passageway to the Ph. Association

The Pharmaceutical Association is a very nice place: air-conditioned and very quiet. An excellent sound system ensures everyone will see and hear fine. Because it is not a temple, there are no special customs to follow, so everyone will feel very much at ease.


Every Thursday Evening from September 23rd through October.

6:30 gather at the Ph. Association

6:50 Dhamma talk for 45 minutes

7:40 short meditation, Q&A

8:20 Finish


Since there is little dhamma/meditation in English in Bangkok, for the last few years a few of us have been banding together and arranging events. We try to do everything for free, on donation basis only, so that anyone can join in. Since we have no center or buildings, we have hardly any costs – but it means we move about town to different venues as convenient.

All are welcome to join in more closely – there are some neat people involved. Its fine to just be a quiet observer in the background, or make yourself known to some of the regulars if you would like to join in the more social activities.

Keep up to date with this blog for other activities and happenings in Bangkok.

26 replies on “2010 Dhamma Talk Series”

  1. Reverend Shri Cittasamvaro,
    I am Amit from India. Just landed in Bangkok this month. Was searching for some spiritual discourse and dhamma refugia since last few days. Incidentally, I found this blog. I would be very happy to join your talk. Would you allow a Hindu to join Buddhist discourse?

      1. Thanks. Visited country side of Thailand, found Buddhist of Thailand are more Hindus than many Hindus of India. I am really liking Thai-way of spirituality and Dhamma! 🙂

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  3. I’m not sure about video. Someone else has to do that. But I can record. It’s just that with everything going on, and worrying about all the little details, I usually forget to turn the recorder on.

  4. I hope there will be some videos from these Dhamma talks which you will share with all fans of your Dhamma talks who are not able to attend.??!!!

  5. Do we have to be wearing white and in pants to attend the talk? Since I’m not that flexible sometimes sitting on the floor, it would be good to prepare beforehand.

      1. I would like to thank the Venerable. Cittasamvaro, as well as each of the two accompanying Venerable Sirs, The Pharmaceutical Association, and all of those who came to put together this first of the Dharma Talk Series. On my first-ever attendance of such a talk on the Dharma, I was very pleased by what I heard, and praise how welcoming everyone in attendance was. I am in great anticipation of further talks.

        Sincerely, Loyd

    1. I did record the talk on my phone. It is quite clear. If you’d like a copy, please notify me where to email it.

      Alternatively; If you did video tape it, and would like me to combine the two, I could do it too.

      Loyd 🙂

      1. Hi Loyd,

        I see that you have recorded the first talk on your phone. Would it be possible for you to sent me the recording? It would be much appreciated.
        thank you


      2. There seems some interest in the recordings – They will need a bit of work, editing and cleaning up the sound, and then I will post up after the series ends.

  6. Interesting talk. What exactly is the difference between sampajañña and sati? From the example I’ve seen in a Pali dictionary, sampajañña seems to overlap with one of the four sati-upatthāna – contemplation of body – in that it seems to be an awareness of one’s actions as they happen.

  7. My husband and I enjoyed the first session and are very sorry to miss the other five. We’ll be away for the monthof October,but hope to join activities when we return.

    1. The recordings will be posted eventually, but the WordPress system charges extra for Mp3 files to be hosted. So the plan is to put on a Youtube channel, which is free, but will take time to edit, add text and make into a video.

  8. I have not been ot one of your talks yet; just been introduced by a friend whilst discussing ‘the journey…’ Very much looking forward to ‘enriching mindfulness…’

  9. Just returned from visiting family and a Breast Cancer patient in the US and hope to be able to ‘weather the storms’ i.e. the waters to attend.
    Thank you for all your efforts,

  10. An end to a great Dharma Talk series.

    Thanks again to Venerable Cittasamvaro for a wonderful experience.
    And thanks to all of you that made these talks a success.
    I met a lot of good, kind-hearted people, and felt a great energy in the room from each week’s talk.

    Best wishes to all.

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