2010: Talk Topics


in the Frame of Mindfulness

5th Annual Dhamma Talk Series: Sept-Oct 2010

Talk Topics


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1. Thursday September 23rd

A Matter of Mindfulness

It has become the keyword in modern psychology, and has been the cornerstone of Buddhist Insight Meditation for 2500 years: Mindfulness. An open awareness that seeks to accept, console, reconcile and deliver through Wisdom. A guardian over the mind that develops emotional security and confidence, and a firm understanding of what is you, and what is not you.

A tour of ‘Mindfulness’ back in its original context – Theravada Buddhism.

2. Thursday September 30th

The Gatekeeper

What makes for a ‘good’ quality that one should develop? We all can name qualities like patience, compassion etc.. that would be good to possess and expand, but there needs to be a clear technique, a methodology for translating the vague intention into a genuine change of your being. How much of your ‘self’ needs to be let go of, and how much should be trained and developed? Rather than trying to solve all your life’s problems, let Mindfulness take the role of a Gatekeeper.


3. Thursday October 7th

The Queen who Covered her Kingdom with Leather

….so the ancient tale describes one Queen who sought to protect her feet. There was an easier solution though … This talk goes to the direct methodology and mechanics of maintaining a silent and transformative meditation practice continually through regular life of work, family and leisure. A change in your frame of reference, transforms everything. We call this the Momentary View.


4. Thursday October 14th  

There’s Suffering, and there’s Noble Suffering

Most Buddhist teachings are rather simple when approached pragmatically – from the aspect of a meditator there is no dogma to buy into. ‘Suffering’ is one of those teachings; it has been made complicated by theories, yet it is a straightforward and useful conceptual tool when picked up in the right way. Time to de-mystify this Noble Truth.


5. Thursday October 21st

The Future of Karma

Stories about Karma abound – but despite the common mystification, it’s nothing too complicated. It has nothing to do with your past! And everything to do with your future. It can be steered with proper resolution (addhitthana) – if you understand karma you can shape your future and affirm what you want to develop. It just takes some awareness.


6. Thursday October 28th

The End of the World

Nothing to do with Global Warming – the world arises in this fathom-length body, and ends right there too. Buddha’s enigmatic statement: If you have seen the arising of the world, you can’t say it is illusion. If you have seen the end of the world, you can’t say it is real. When everything is brought home and immediate with mindfulness, the characteristics of existence become clear.


Saturday 30th October :

“The Quail” Workshop

One day meditation workshop at the spacious YBAT facility, Thonburi.

Putting mindfulness to work – a series of mindfulness exercises to get acquainted with. Suitable for beginners and good revision for advanced meditators.

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