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2011 Talks Series : Topics — 8 Comments

  1. As I will be out of LOS for the last 3 talks, I was wondering if anyone will be VDOing the
    talks for web posting (youtube etc.)?

  2. Yes, I noticed th similarity between Original Sin Christianity and the Kinds of Suffering in Buddhism.
    However, Christ – as far as I know never talked about the original Sin. This was concocted bythe Church Hirarchy for obvious reasons of control. I wonder whether that is also true for Buddhism ?
    It appears we need new models of man. That includes the accepted model for Aging taken from Newtonian Physics: the clock winding down. – If you have an opportunity I would like to find out simple things. Can you accept presents ? put on jeans and meet your friends ? How much denial do you have practice and in what areas ?
    I am enjoying your chats greatly; however you condensed too much into the last one – a Wesstern habit of squeezing lots of material into the ‘available’ time………. ciao, Peter Peters

    • Sin and Dukkha – there’s a topic for a PhD dissertation!

      Richard Dawkins spoke of the body and character for an elightened being as like a Karmic wind-up toy running it s course …

      Other Qs best to join one of the lunches (haven’t been many lately) or Psycho meetings – more time to chat informally. See you then.

  3. I attended the last of the Dhamma Talks 2011.
    Can you direct me a summary of all 8 lectures?
    Thank you.

    • I have the videos, and after months away from Bangkok, I just got the video editing software and turorials. I will work on them as I get time. In the mean time you can see the reports of the talks here: http://littlebang.org/category/reports/ For the next 6 months there will be little activity through littlebang.org, while I write my MA Thesis. After that we will be back with regular activities and more. Pandit Bhikkhu