Another year has passed. I did not write any of my thesis. I did teach too many classes at University.

I barely joined any events in my temple and they must be wondering if I still live there. I did join countless events across Bangkok.

And another year deeper into middle age has flitted by.

Every year I wonder what I should do – move to Singapore, or move to somewhere more temperate like Spain. Should I abandon my managerial abilities in setting up events, in order to focus on my public speaking skills? Or keep developing the PR network through which we can host visiting teachers?

My theory is that most people just do what is in front of them.

I remember Ajahn Sumedho never wanted to set up a chain of temples. He did not want to start a nuns ordination lineage in the UK. But it was there in front of him. And it was the right thing to do. Churchill did what what was in front of him. A batsman hits only one ball at a time.

If you always think about what you would really really like to be doing … then here and now is never enough.

But we do have enough.

Your wife or your husband, is good enough. Your job, is good enough. The people around you, are good enough. You have ample chance to live a worthy life. Just this much … but with sincerity, and it is a life well lived.

In 2014 our Little Bangkok Sangha has arranged:

  • 51 regular meditation events
  • 40 Dhamma Talks (P.Pandit 18, Karma Lekshe 5, Phra Noah 3, Jeff 5, Radha 2, Caru Dassini 4, Santussika Bhikkhuni 3)
  • 1 meditation course
  • 1 dhamma talk series
  • 3 retreats (MC Brigitte, Grahame White, Caru Dassini)
  • 4 Oasis Workshops (Phra Noah, Marisa, Caru Dassini, Santussika Bhikkhuni)
  • 3 special events (Sonkgran, Pak Chong trip, Spirit house)
  • and 2 Psycho meetings

And all of you helped in this. We might not be saving the world. But we took time to encourage others around us to take up a practise.

So at this time of year, while everyone thinks about what they could have done, take a moment to congratulate yourself, on a life lived well enough.