A formal (Seon) refuge and precepts ceremony

Precepts Ceremony – Sunday, January 9th, 2011

On Sunday the 9th of January 2011, the Bangkok Seon (Zen) Centre is holding a formal precepts ceremony for those wishing to take (or renew) the five lay Buddhist precepts. This is a formal ceremony and participants must register in advance – but all are welcome to do so!

If you would like to take part in this ceremony, please do come along to the next meeting of the Bangkok Seon Club, which is next Saturday night, December the 11th, at 7pm.  Details here: http://littlebang.org/2010/11/22/seon-saturday-december-11th/ 

If it is not possible for you to come along next Saturday but you’d like to register for the ceremony in January, you can make contact by leaving a message on this page and someone from the Seon Centre will contact you. It is very important to register as soon as possible. 
Speaking personally, the day I took refuge and vowed to observe, to the best of my ability, the five lay Buddhist precepts, was an especially significant day in my spiritual life, – and this is a fabulous chance to take formal refuge, in a Zen lineage, right here in Bangkok.
The exact wording of the five precepts can be seen here:
And a short piece on what the precepts mean to me personally can be seen here:
Again, the Zen Centre needs to know in advance who will be taking refuge, not least in order to prepare certificates and Dharma names, so do please register as soon as you can if you’d like to participate in this event. And finally, this ceremony is free of charge – but it is suggested that participants might find this an ideal time at which to make an appropriate donation.
– More details about the Bangkok Hanmaum Seon Centre here: http://littlebang.org/2010/11/22/seon-saturday-december-11th/ 
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“Have faith in your inherent Buddha nature,
entrust it with everything that confronts you,
don’t worry about whether things seem to be going well or not.
Let go of every worry.”
– Seon Master Daehaeng Sunim