Dharma Talk & Meditation

‘A Little Bit Better’
with Pandit Bhikkhu

Sunday 1st Feb, 2-5pm


The World Fellowship of Buddhists holds a monthly meditation and dharma workshop at their HQ, behind Benchasiri Park (by Emporium).

Sunday Feb. 1st, the talk is with Pandit Bhikkhu.

2-5pm – no need for reservation. Free of charge.

The Topic

A professor once invited students to his house. He put out drinks served in a variety of cups. Even though the drinks were all the same liquid, the students automatically zeroed in on the ‘better’ cups. All the cups were of similar size and function! 

Human beings have an innate tendency to aim for what they perceive to be ‘a bit better’. In Buddhism, the driving force behind this motive is called ‘vedana’. We will look at this pushing and pulling mechanism in the mind, and what a mindfulness meditator can do about it.

The Speaker


Bringing his usual wit, and insights from 18 years as a Buddhist monk, Pandit Bhikkhu leads this session. He is ordained for 18 years, spending 4 years in an upcountry monastery in Rajaburi province, and the rest in Bangkok. 4 years was also spent getting a psychology degree, and countless years after that pursuing an MA in Buddhist Studies.


The Venue

The World Fellowship of Buddhists is a large building at the back of Benchasiri Park, by Phrom Phong BTS Station, Bangkok Thailand. There is lots of space. No need to book in advance.

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