Saturday 14th September
Afternoon trip to Sathira Dhammasathan
Dhamma Centre of Mae Chee Sansanee


Taking advantage of our visiting guest speaker Bhikkhuni Santussika who is giving a talk for us on Sat. 14th Sept. at the Indus Restaurant, we will embark on an afternoon trip out to take her to Sathira Dhammasatan.

We will leave from the Indus after lunch around 12:45 in shared taxis. All are welcome to join, either by shared taxi or by your own vehicle.

(Since Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis are not supposed to go sight seeing, we call this trip Tansan seugsa – a ‘field trip’.)

9:30-11:30 Dhamma talk at the INDUS with Bhikkhuni Santussika

  • 12:45 leave from the Indus Restaurant on Suk 26 in shared taxis
  • 1:45 arrive at Sathira Dhammasatan
  • 2-4:30 visiting the various buildings and exhibits at the centre
  • 4:45 meet and return via shared taxi

Sathira Dhammadatan

This is the centre of one of Thailand’s leading lights in Dhamma, Mae Chee Sansanee. She dedicated this piece of land to be a dhamma centre and a refuge from Bangkok life. It is a real oasis of interesting, bizarre, and beautiful buildings and park. Every corner of this centre has something new and curious. It’s not like any other place you have visited, and not like a temple. Best description would be a Dhamma Park and Meditation Gardens covering 7 acres, criss-crossed with winding paths.

They have a great website here, but all in Thai unfortunately.


There are lots of lakes, guest houses, exhibits, platforms, gardens, cafe, stages and meeting places. Bring your camera. There’s a cafe and coffee shop there too. The centre focusses on being a place for women to gather and practise dhamma, though of course it is open to all. There is even a university section where courses are taught under the auspices of Maha Culalongkorn University. Google photos from around the web here.

Mae Chee Sansanee


This is one of Thailand’s most famous Mae Chee – known for her good works, compassion, and service to Buddhist women.

She is very much active at the centre, though we can’t tell if she will be there in person when we go. With emphasis on creating a beautiful space to support meditation and dhamma, and facilitating dhamma programs for young and old, male and female, she has been one of the leading lights of modern Thai Buddhism. You can find many pictures of her around the web.

Our Trip

We will head off to the Centre after lunch, leaving from the INDUS. It takes something under an hour to get there depending on traffic. You are welcome to take lunch at the Indus Indian Restaurant, or to eat at the vegetarian cafe at the Dhamma centre after we reach there.

We’ll go by shared taxi – safer than Pandit renting mini-vans when we don’t know how many people will be coming. It’s not too far, and should be under 300 baht per taxi.

Arrivals are usually directed through a quiet entrance way to pay respects at the shrine, and then on through the gardens. We’ll all gather at the cafe at 2:30 and take it from there. There’s no charge for the trip or for entering the dhamma centre. Taxis and food/drink at the centre are pay-as-you-go.

It’ll be helpful if the Thais joining the trip can divide up among the taxis so there is someone to direct the drivers.


If you are driving there by yourself, directions are below. Click the map to enlarge:


The map above can be found on the centre’s website along with the directions in Thai

It is a famous place so we’ll also try to find taxis who know the way already. To find it on Google maps Try clicking here

or here to open the map directly:

Sathian Thammasathan Vegetarian Restaurant

Bang Khen
จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร, Thailand