Ajahn Amaro, Abbot of Wat Amaravati temple in the UK since the departure of Luang Phor Sumedho, will give a talk in English at the excellent Baan Aree (Ari BTS) on Saturday 22nd June.

Ajahn Amaro is a gifted teacher and leader, which is why he was the natural figure to take on the European HQ of the Luang Phor Chah temples.

Baan Aree is a thriving Dhamma community, though pretty much all in Thai language. Actually our Little Bangkok Sangha started it’s life there in 2007. Recognise anyone?? They have excellent and low priced vegetarian food stalls, so make a full morning of it!

  • Arrive 9:30
  • 10-11:45 Dhamma talk and Questions
  • 12 noon finish.


5 replies on “Ajahn Amaro at Baan Aree”

  1. Look forward to being there. By any chance, can we have directions in Thai language also?

  2. If I don’t have to be out of BKK I hope to make this, Baan Aree is quite close to me….

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