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Ajahn Brahm Monday June 27 — 5 Comments

  1. strange: the concierge denies any Dhamma talk pending… why am I not surprised.

    • Well it is always worth double checking info when it is not our own ‘Little Bangkok Sangha’ event. Things do change. Actually I offered to both A. Brahm and his group here to help with the coordination. But his luksits did not warm to the idea, so I am not in the know as to latest details.

  2. Oriental re-replied today as follows:
    Dear Deborah
    Please accept our sincere apologies for the misunderstanding in the previous email.
    We are most pleased to confirm a seat for yourself on Mon 27 June / Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Brahm at 14:00hrs accordingly. Thank you very much and looking forward to welcoming you next week.
    Warm regards
    Karn Puntuhong
    Public Relations Secretary