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Ajahn Jayasaro Talk – Pak Chong Sun 20th March — 21 Comments

  1. Can I ask for a map of the venue? I and my wife intend to go on our own but leaving Bangkok a day earlier.

    • Sure. I will dig it out and send to you. BTW can you put the Sayadaw U Jotika file on a disc for me? I will try my hand at video editing once Phil puts me on to the right software.

  2. HOPE I can come. My son leaves by air that day – I ove to go up there. Tell you as soon as I can. Denise

  3. Please could you reserve me a seat on a van. I’ll pay you tomorrow (25th) at lunch. Thanks

  4. Could you please kindly send me a map of the location too? Is this at the hermitage of Arjahn?

    • I will send the map next week when I get back to my computer in Bangkok. The map is to the private compound of the land owners. It is not open to the public except on designated days when Ajahn Jayasaro gives a public talk. You will be joining us on the 20th ? Pandit Bhikkhu

    • Nice to meet you today Reena. Hope your lunch was good. Can you give me your phone number just in case we need to get in touch on Sunday. Pandit Bhikkhu.

  5. Venerable Pandit, I can not find the detail map of Baan Aree.
    Where to meet at Baan Aree? Is it near some BTS station.? I am not familiar with this area.
    Thank you