Ajahn Khemadhammo – Sunday 23rd Jan 2011

23 Jan 11, The Auditorium
3rd Floor
Buddhadasa Indapanyo Archives
Wachirabenjatas Park (Suan Rot Fai)
Kamphaeng Phet Road
(Adjacent to Chatuchak Park)
Tel: +66 (0)2 305 9589
+66 (0)85 960 9555

somehow they forgot to include the time of this event – call the above numbers to find out

Keynote Speech: Venerable Ajahn Khemadhammo
Sem Sikkhalay, a non-government organization that has been working on alternative education issues, recently launched its Towards Understanding and Forgiving the Astray project, which includes a series of film screenings and other events aimed at “lessening the degree of divisiveness and polarization” in Thai society.


Venerable Ajahn Khemadhammo Maha Thera OBE

The highlight of the project, according to the organizer, is a keynote speech to be delivered on 23 January by the Venerable Ajahn Khemadhammo, the founder and spiritual director of the Angulimala Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy.

For over 30 years, Ajahn Khemadhammo has been teaching meditation and providing counseling to inmates in over 140 prisons across the UK. On the auspicious occasion of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s birthday (5 December) in 2004, Ajahn Khemadhammo was made a Chao Khun with the ecclesiastical title of Phra Bhavanavitayt, only the second foreign-born monk to receive such an honor. He is Abbot of the Forest Hermitage in Warwickshire UK

For further information about the Towards Understanding and Forgiving the Astray project, visit http://www.bia.or.th, or http://www.dhamma4u.com. [I currently can’t see any more information on this event at those sites]


This event is at the brand new Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives in Suan Rot Fai, near Mor Chit BTS station.

BIA 2This is the branch of Suan Mokh where the famous Buddhadasa Bhikkhu lived and taught for many years, and which is still a majour item on the spiritual tourism of Thailand ajenda.

The place is beautiful, and vast. Overlooking the parklands near Mor Chit BTS, the complex includes a library, book shop, huge verandah overhanging the lake, and lots of art and sculpture. In following years this place will definitely become the most vital centre of Buddhism in Bangkok. Expect a lot of great events to happen here.


Go to Mor Chit BTS Station and walk through the park for about 20 minutes. Motorcycles are an option – but come on, you could do with the exercise, and it is a lovely park! Doctors say you should walk at least 30 minutes a day!

You can also take a taxi from the BTS for about 45 baht. MRT users can go to Chatuchak Station or Pahonyothin station exit 3 (have not tried this one yet but it is slightly closer, if less pleasant walk)

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  1. I think it starts at 1, but confirmation from someone with better Thai than me would be good…


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      i just tried to call but no answer to both phone numbers (5.45pm friday) please can someone post on here the time if they get through to one of the numbers.


  2. I called one of the numbers (the mobile one) and the person at the other end said the talk is from 1 to 4 pm. This is just FYI.

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