Dhamma Talk with Pandit Bhikkhu
Sabbasava Sutta
When to Let Go, and When to Not
For Chakri day
Sunday April 6th at WFB


Dhamma Talk and meditation session

Sunday April 6th
Chakri Day (national holiday)
at the World Fellowship of Buddhists HQ (next to Emporium, behind Benchasiri Park.)
free of charge and no need for advance reservation

Topic : Sabbasava Sutta

Buddhism talks a lot about ‘letting go’ and ‘just observing’ but that was not the whole of the original teaching. This particular sutta talks about taking affirmative action where it is needed. Sitting with your eyes closed is only one aspect of developing a meditation practise.
Suitable for beginners to meditation and those more experienced.
We will also be focussing on Walking Meditation. We will look at the two approaches to mindfulness while in the walking posture. While most people think of meditation as something to do sitting cross legged, in fact forest monks probably spend more time doing meditation in the walking posture.
(This is in part for the people engaged in the weekly meditation class at the Indus, as there is not enough room there for us to go through walking meditation as a group.)

Pandit Bhikkhu

PanditPandit Bhikkhu is from England and got involved with Buddhism when he was 21 back in 1990. Since 1994 he’s been living in the monasteries – starting in the UK, and then ordaining as a Buddhist monk in 1996, in Rajburi province. He since moved to Bangkok and gained a degree in Buddhist Psychology. Currently he is finishing an MA in Buddhist Studies.



The WFB HQ is behind Benchasiri Park – best known as being the park next to Emporium, between Sukhumvit 22 and 24:

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