Annapurna – Meet and Eat

Wednesday 14th July

Lunch gathering at Annapurna (also known as Mashoors)

Annapurna is a Vegetarian Indian Restaurant on Tanon Pan (aka Soi Pan)

The food is cheap, and very good. It’s quiet, and there’s lots of space for us.

Everyone is invited – we often meet here informally just for lunch and chat, meet a few new people, and enjoy the great food. So if you are free on weekdays, or work close by, join in for lunch. A big part of the idea of a ‘Sangha’ (which really just means ‘group’) is to meet up and get to know each other a bit … and this is a great place for it.

10:30 am- 2 pm …. but no need to come on time – just come and leave whenever convenient.

Nearest skytrain station is Surasak. From there it is less than an 8 minute walk. The seriously hot or lazy can taxi from Surasak for 37 baht..

Click the wonderful clear map for an even larger version!

In case you are wondering – actually Annapurna and Mashoors are next to each other and owned by the same people. There is an interconnecting door between them. Mashoors is the Veggie restaurant, and Annapurna is the non-veg. but Annapurna has better air-con, and we can still eat from the Mashoors veggie menu in there. 

But more importantly, the sign outside is the green Annapurna sign, which is easy to spot.

So for ease of directions, we’ll call it ANNAPURNA from now on (even though we eat off the veggie menu)

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    1. No – there is nowhere handy to park – there are a couple of private spaces in the posh little malls… but it is not handy for parking so far as I have seen.

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  2. Yeah! I’ll be back by then. I’m looking forward to it already. (And BTW, how come all these outdated comments are still showing up for this event?)

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