More on Rebirth

Further to the upcoming topic for Cappuccino Conflict, here’s some segments of a debate published in Trycycle in the Summer edition of Trycycle (Buddhist Magazine); a read suggested by Dr Will: Comments in red are from Pandit Bhikkhu    Trycycle … Continue reading →

Special Event with Ajahn Tiradhammo

Thursday 28th Feb An Audience with Ajahn Tiradhammo พระอาจารย์ธีระธัมโม Abbot of Bodhinyanarama Temple NZ เจ้าอาวาส วัด Bohinyanarama ประเทศนิวซีแลนด์ (Luang Phor Chah lineage) (สายหลวงพ่อชา) The Way Beyond Suffering ทางพ้นทุกข์ At the DMG (Chit Lom BTS) Thursday 28th February 4:00 pm in Thai 7:00 pm in English … Continue reading →