Special Event: An evening of Dhamma and reflection with Ayya Sucinta (4 Feb)

Tuesday February 4th 2020 @ Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives (BIA) in the Taste of Nibbāna Room (2nd Floor) 6:00 to 8:00 pm     Details: We are delighted to announce that Ayya Sucinta, one of the first Theravadan bhikkhunis in the … Continue reading →

SPECIAL EVENT: “Mindfully Facing Disease and Death” with Bhikkhuni Santussika (9 Nov)

“Mindfully Facing Disease and Death” Dharma and Reflection Saturday 9th November, 2019 3pm to 5pm   Details: We are delighted to be welcoming back Bhikkhuni Santussika for a special Saturday afternoon teaching, kindly hosted by the Indus Restaurant on Sukhumvit … Continue reading →

Zen Club Meeting – Little Bangkok Sangha (19 Jan)

How to Do Zazen (Zen Meditation): Dogen’s Instructions Sunday 19th January 2020: 1:30-3:30pm   @ The Shambhala Meditation Centre, (in the Young Place Shopping Center) (see details below)     “All people throughout the world are without doubt equally imprinted … Continue reading →