Awakening Wisdom: The Buddha’s Teachings of Liberation

The Little Bangkok Sangha is inviting you to a Zoom meeting on Monday 10 April 2023 from 5:30 – 07:30 PM Bangkok time. Please note that due to the time difference with Australia we start one hour earlier than we normally do.

We are very pleased that Ajahn Radha accepted our invitation to give a Dhamma talk. The zoom session will include some meditation instructions from the Ānāpānasati Sutta, a dharma talk on The Buddha’s Teachings of Liberation and the opportunity for inquiry or responses.

Sutta Reference: MN 118 The Ānāpānasati Sutta, Mindfulness of Breathing

Speaker: Ajahn Radha
Radha Nicholson teaches the liberation of the heart through inquiry and insight. She focuses on the freeing of the mind through the realisation of the non-dual nature of reality. Her teachings utilise the silent retreat Vipassana form with attention to all four postures as well as the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. She uses Inquiry to deepen understanding and often takes her instructions from the Ānāpānasati Sutta.

She first traveled to India in search of truth in 1975. There she met and practiced with Anagarika Munindraji and later she sat a six month retreat in Dalhousie with Christopher Titmuss who was then a Buddhist monk in the Thai Forest tradition.

Radha has been profoundly influenced by both the Buddhadharma and the Advaita traditions as well as the Indian born social activist and speaker Vimala Thakar. Radha has been acknowledged by Ajahn Buddhadasa, Thailand’s great teacher of Emptiness.

Radha has been teaching in India and Internationally for more than twenty years. She teaches an annual retreat at The Royal Thai Monastery in Bodhgaya at the invitation of the Lord Abbot. She also teaches in Germany, Israel and Australia. She has been a guest teacher in the UK, France, New Zealand and the US. She is the founding teacher of Bay Insight, Byron Bay, Australia. Radha is a registered Psychologist and has children and grandchildren.

5:25 PM: Zoom room opens
5:30 PM: Dhamma talk on The Buddha’s Teachings of Liberation, followed by Q&A
7:30 PM: Close

Here is the Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 314 189 4720