Baan Aree Dhamma Talk

Baan Aree have forwarded some scant information for this month’s Dhamma Talk with a Thai monk in English as follows:

English Dharmma Talk at Baan Aree
The first Saturday of every month
Saturday 6th August , 2011, 09.30  – 11.30 am

By Pha Ajahn Kosil Paripunno
Watplaina Pathum Thani Province

General information on the Baan Aree events:

Baan Aree is a delightful Dhamma oasis close to the Ari BTS Station. There is a library, Dhamma Hall, ponds, veggie food stalls, coffee shop and more. If you are in Bangkok you should definitely acquaint yourself with this niche.

And you will find some of the best value and most varied Vegetarian food in Bangkok in the 20 or so food stalls there.

We really want to encourage and support the foreign monks to come to Bangkok to give talks and lead meditation, so do support this new program. And lunch afterwards of course, is a good chance to meet or catch up with the wider Sangha.


Baan Aree Library is a thriving dhamma site with library, meeting hall, and lots of excellent events organised in Thai. The Library itself is open daily from 9 am – 7 pm and has a few books in English, including much of the Tripitaka (Scriptures). The new Dhamma Hall is airconditioned and set in the attractive grounds, with many very reasonably priced vegetarian food stalls open in the daytime.

Baan Aree has regular Dhamma meetings in Thai which are listed at their Thai website: .

The Library is directly on the Skytrain line. Go to Ari BTS station and walk back towards the victory monument about 20 meters and you should see the passage way to Baan Aree Library on the right hand side.

Baan Aree car park is accessible from the rear (Soi Ari 1) where you see the sign for ‘ BANANA FAMILY PARK ‘. Bus routes 8, 28, 29, 38, 54, 63, 74, 77, 108, 157, 177, 502, 503, 509, and 510 all pass by. Get out at Ari BTS Station.

click map to enlarge:

map to Baan Aree

4 replies on “Baan Aree Dhamma Talk”

  1. Well spotted. I just pasted the text they sent me (that was it – no other details). It should however, read 11:30 am, not 17:30, since the monk will have to go for lunch.

  2. I don’t understand, is this an all day dhamma talk / meditation meeting? Time is 09.30 – 17.30?
    Thanks Ajarn

  3. Wonderful and relaxed. Thai Venerable translated by delightful young woman, focused on meditation in daily life. Presented and practiced 14-step hands in sitting and standing positions (producing spontaneous bare awareness) followed by relaxed pace walking. I, of course, enjoyed a vegie lunch from the abundant Baan Aree food court to round out my visit!!

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