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Bhikkhuni Ordination in Buddhism — 5 Comments

  1. A very weird critique of HH Dalai Lama. I would even say stupid, especially in this context of these postings. If a person can believe in reincarnation they certainly can believe in the way Dalai Lamas are found.
    Maybe we need a session on this topic. I will be glad to stand up for HH Dalai Lama.

  2. The Dalai Lama is great – but it is hardly based on merit when he was named at 2 years old. Happily he is a wonderful being.

    Pandit Cittasamvaro

  3. Wadda think, they give the candidates a blood test?
    No more, I shut up. HH is greater than my little defense of him. But you are verging on the edge of strange, anyway.

  4. Dalai Lama to me is an uncommon Buddhist monk, may be this is the way they practice Buddhism in Nepal. When he was in Australia, he stayed in the 1st class hotel, laughed excessively with no real reasons, etc.Compared this to Hinnayana monk, quite difference.

  5. Things to think about re HH Dalai Lama…
    -Red China and others would like him dead; first class hotels also provide first class security.
    -As HH travels, he is locally sponsored; should he refuse the hospitality of his local sponsors and find a warm spot under a highway overpass?
    -What he laughs at or how much is not for you to judge.
    -Tibetan Buddhism, practiced in Tibet and the refugee India town, and in Nepal and many other places is different. Your learning more will see what and why.
    -You remind me of the uninformed person who met the Karmapa and thought he was bored when he rolled his eyes upward; actually that is his training in accessing/ remembering information. We should all beware of speaking without knowledge.