Bhikkhuni Zamba Chozom – Dhamma Talk 8th Nov.

Monday 8th November

Dhamma Talk with visiting Bhikkhuni Zamba Chozom

In English


….Very nice that one of the world’s well know Bhikkhunis will stop off in Bangkok and give a public appearance. Thailand tends to be dominated by the monks… most of the well known Thai female Buddhist leaders are teachers of Abhidhamma, which is almost never in English. The event is kindly sponsored and so free of charge. Hope to see you all there.

Ani Zamba’s approach to Dhamma is based on the examination of the process of perception – (same as Phra Pandit’s approach!). This is the method most often taught in the original Pali Suttas …


Perception – how it works to condition our experience of life. Understanding and working with perception means we no longer need to recreate conditions that will result in suffering. The components of experience-how many of us understand that our moment by moment experience is made up of causes and conditions. Seldom do we look at the psychological conditions that make us experience things in certain ways-we think experience just happens randomly and that we have no control over it.. Analysing the way we see things is very revealing and liberating, once we understand what kind of conditions produce what kind of results then we see how we can take full responsibility for changing  our lives and have the tools needed to do it!

You can hear some of Ani Zamba’s previous teachings podcasted here.


Ven. Bhikkuni Zamba Chozom: has been ordained in the monastic tradition of Buddhism for 40 years. She has numerous centres  and groups around the world where she has been teaching for the past 37 years. Her style is quite unusual as her background in Buddhist practice and studies is quite extensive. She had the opportunity to study under some of the greatest meditation masters of the last century not only from the Tibetan but also Thai Burmese, Korean and Chinese traditions of Buddhism.
Her approach is very scientific, dynamic and interactive- not particularly religious , as she focus’ on our “perception” and how it works to condition our experience of life. “If we understand why we see things in certain ways, we’ll understand how we can change our experience of life-we can be our own psychotherapist healing all our neurotic tendencies and so removing the conditions that result in our dissatisfaction confusion and suffering.”
She now lives and teaches in Brazil where she has centres and groups  that are based in the Amazon and in almost every major city stretching  down to Rio. She  has over a 1000 acres of land dedicated to offering retreat facilities for those interested in more intensive forms of practice. She has also initiated many social programs for the local communities wherever she has lived: < >.


In English only (no Thai translation)

Monday 8th November 2010

Venue : Dance Centre Studio (Capital Club)

99/397 Sukhumvit 24 Klongton, Klongtoey  Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel: 02-661-1210-26      or   085 100-3050

Schedule: 7:00 gather 7:20-9pm Dhamma Talk plus Q

Free of charge, including refreshments – please consider a donation to Ven Bhikkhuni’s temple and social projects in Brazil (see )

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