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In 2007  Pandit, Audwin and Holly met at the brand new Baan Aree to ask for use of their facilities. The first Pansa Dhamma Talk Series ‘Insights of Insight meditation’ commenced a couple of months later under the name ‘littlebang’ – a blog set up just as a ‘for more information’ web address for that series of talks.

It was intended to repeat this program each year … but people were making friends, and the interest in Dhamma was quite firm. So we invited a few other people to give talks. The rest is history.

Thanks to some wonderful websites that make free graphs for you, it took just a few minutes to superimpose the monthly statistics year on year for the traffic at the blog. Click the image for a full size version:

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  1. Clicking the graph to enlarge it didn’t work for me. Furthermore, does this represent hits per day? The title of the graph seems to suggest that it is a cumulative total which is clearly inconsistent with the data presented.

    1. Thanks. The image is now enlargable (is there such a word?) These are the monthly statistics – I now added the word ‘monthly’ in above to make it more clear. So this January was our busiest month so far with 13 000 hits through the month. various factors influence the traffic – an article in a paper somewhere, a popular speaker, or a blog on a popular topic like Jatukam amulets or Red Shirts…. but over the last 31/2 years the general trend is one of increased awareness of the blog.

  2. Little Bang website truly is our English speaking Sangha for greater BKK! Thank you Pandit and your generous helpers for maintaining and improving this valuable resource for Dhamma Learning in english and Dhamma community support!

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