Reflecting on age, sickness and death is a central practise in Buddhism – so that you arouse urgency for the practise, not so you become depressed. In fact, the older you get, hopefully, the wiser you become. It becomes easier … Continue reading →

Beset by Thoughts

Looking for a Leader: In the Hindu tradition you have a Guru somewhere in the world who is perfectly suited to teach you. In Buddhism, we have no guru system, dating from the time of the Buddha’s death when he … Continue reading →

The Beauty Queen

During the YBAT weekend retreat one of the stories told was the Beauty Queen. Like all parables, it uses images that the audience would have been able to relate to. Parhaps they had recently held a beauty queen competition… The … Continue reading →

’09 Predictions

Aside from failing banks, increased government presence in financial markets, re-rising fuel prices, a more peaceful US foreign policy under Obaama – what will change in ’09? Here is one bold prediction (you heard it here first). The end of … Continue reading →