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Bodywork – 2 day body awareness workshop — 7 Comments

    • I would like to join, but how do I contact the organizers? Is there an e-mail address I can use? Thanks.

      • Celine – I’m still getting orgainsed …. sorry for any confusion. Easiest thing to do is call me 085 060 7386 or else send me your phone number. Pandit Bhikkhu

  1. I am interested in attending this course.

    How do I pay in advance in order to guarantee my place on it?

    Thank you,


  2. I added some contact forms in the post for registration.

    I have worked with Marisa before and she is very cool. She’s very committed to the path, and practises several different lineages with some great teachers. She has more experience in body-based methods that I do, such as using visualization, healing and mantra. She has been assisting Ajahn Helen in Vipasana retreats for a long time.