Breaking the Story Habit with Phra Pandit Bhikkhu

The Little Bangkok Sangha is inviting you to a Zoom meeting on Monday 12 September, 2022 from 6:30 – 08.00 PM Bangkok time.
The moment to moment model of experience breaks down the tendency to form stories and get lost in them. Is it objectively real though? And what remains when the mind stops narrating events and stories?
Speaker : Phra Pandit Bhikkhu
Phra Pandit Bhikkhu is a British Buddhist monk who chose Thailand as his place of ordination in 1996 after studying Buddhism and non-dual spirituality in various parts of the world for a number of years. He is the founder and principal teacher of the Little Bangkok Sangha which, for a long time, was the only Sangha offering Dhamma in English in Bangkok. He has a degree in psychology and a MA in Buddhist Studies. Various media of his talks are available online. He is also a psychologist and University lecturer. Phra Pandit Bhikkhu has a reputation for being a very engaging speaker who effortlessly makes links between the Buddha’s wisdom teachings and contemporary understandings of consciousness.
6:25 PM: Zoom room opens
6:30 PM: Dhamma talk on Breaking the Story Habit, followed by Q&A
8:00 PM: Close
Here is the Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 687 170 3208