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Buddhist Psycho – meet Sat 16 July — 12 Comments

  1. I thought we could rebrand the ‘Buddhist Psychos’ while we are looking at some traditional stories, but ‘Buddhist Fairies’ didn’t should quite as good 🙂

  2. oops – that day is ‘kao pansa day’ so monks are not free, and most of you will be with thai friends and family. Also Ariyasom willlikely be/busy. lets/make it Sat 9th

  3. Just now is Sunday the 12th – this group sounds interesting – did it happen already for the month then or what ?

  4. Oh .. never mind – I see that it is next month – is the date fixed on the 9th then ?

    • Yes, plenty of notice on this one as there is a book to read for it. However, anyone is welcome even if they have not read the first part of the book. It is a very informal grouping.

  5. One note on the translation. When the Prince meets the fox, and the fox ddesires to be ‘tamed’ the French has 2 possible words. ‘Domsetiquer’ which is to tame and make subservient. But this text uses ‘apprivoiser’ which implies a more reciprocal and loving connection. It does not imply the sense of mastery and domination…..

  6. Just to be clear then – seems people are around on different days…. so we will stick to the original plan of the 16th. It is a national holiday anyway, so should be a day off for everyone.

  7. Here is a suggestion to print Little Prince:

    Open Little Prince in Adobe Reader or Professional
    >Booklet creation – accept the defaults
    >In Layout set to Landscape & set paper size to A4
    >OK and print about 8 pages to check if it worked per the following:
    It should print on both sides of paper, and now you have to slice the lot of A4 pages in half which leaves you with 2 x A5 halves, put one behind the other such that the pages follow and it makes a nice A5 booklet. Adobe will have arranged the page order appropriately.
    At Office Depot they sell great A5 hard binders to put it in.

    Note: it helps to number the pages but need Adobe Professional. Go to Document/Header & Footer/Add / Insert page number / OK
    This unfortunately increases the doc size quite a bit (Little Prince went from 4 to 7.5 MB!) but is nice to have in case pages get mixed up.

    I make booklets like this for Buddha.net downloads.

    Due to my current work load I can’t make the readings or much else, but that will change soon enough.