The Buddhist vs the Psychological Viewpoint

Saturday 23rd August

Continuing the tradition for artful cappuccino discussions relating to Buddhism and Psychology (or any other topic we fancy) all ‘Buddhist Psychos’ are invited to meet, caffeinate and trade ideas on Saturday 23rd August at Sandeep’s spacious apartment. You don’t need to book in advance and there is no charge. Some refreshments will be on offer too.

The topic this time is : Suffering – the Buddhist and the Psychological view.

Psychologists view suffering as something to be avoided, and something to be solved. Or at least suffering that makes leads to socially unacceptable behaviour. But in Buddhism ‘suffering’ is something that is to be investigated first, and then the causes put away.

Are these views incompatible? Is Psychology on the right or the wrong track?

Here’s a transcript from Ajahn Sumedho: Suffering is to be Welcomed
nd another view on Suffering in Psychology Tomorrow Magazine
And a brief Psychology Today reflection

Anyone is welcome. You don’t need a particular background in psychology. You just need to be free on the Saturday afternoon to join the exchange of ideas and observations.

It is easy to find – go to Nana BTS, and head down Sukhumvit Soi 6. PSJ Pentouse apartment block in on the left. We’re in 8B


Sandeep PSG penthouse