Can a Buddhist be a Skeptic?

Update: some of us will be meeting for lunch in front of the building at 10:45. We’ll go to the Chulalongkorn university teachers cafe… all welcome to join.


With Dr Georges Dreyfus

Friday 6th November 1-3 pm

Chulalongkorn University

Buddhist scholar and former Tibetan monk of 15 years Georges Dreyfus is back in Bangkok and will give another presentation at Chulalongkorn university, where he has been invited by Dr Soraj.

Georges gave a talk there earlier this year (or was it even longer ago?) on the nature of consciousness. We all found him to be a thoroughly engaging and enthusiastic speaker. Clear and precise, and never a dull moment. So all of you who are free on that Friday afternoon are definitely encouraged to attend.

There will be a talk and then time for Q&A. There won’t be any meditation, but after the talk we’ll be heading somewhere closeby for coffee.

Georges has been invited by Dr Soraj – a Professor at Chulalonkorn University in the Center for Ethics of Science and Technology. Dr Soraj often invites good academic speakers to talk there. Events are always free of charge, and held in the air-con rooms of the university, walking distance from Siam BTS Station (maps below). He also has an interesting blog that is regularly updated.

Topic, by Georges Dreyfus:

Rather than look at recent advocacies of skepticism as a way to accommodate Buddhism to modernity, I answer this question by looking at the Madhyamaka philosophy of Nagarjuna and some of its interpretations.  I compare this philosophy to ancient skepticism and show how this comparison can help us to understand the Madhyamaka tradition in particular and important aspects of Buddhism in general. I conclude by wondering about the ethical implications of such a skeptical stance within the modern context.

Room 708, Boromratchakumari Bldg., Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University

All are welcome. Free of Charge.

It is a 10-15 minute walk from Siam BTS Station. Go along Henry Durant road until you get to the footbridge. Turn right at the Chula university entrance after the footbridge, and turn right again once inside the compound. The Building you want is the tallest in the area, so it is easy to spot.

Click images to enlarge them:


Here is the view as you come through the correct entrance to the university. Turn right as you enter (taxis are forced to turn left and circle round).


Boromratchakumari Building  Entrance. It is the tallest building on the campus:


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  1. Dear Ven.

    Thanks so much for the very detailed info. I could not have done it any better. Let us meet again in a few days.

    Best wishes,

  2. Pandit, please excuse my ‘disappearing act’ at lunch to day. I became quite ill quite quickly, and after spending some time in the facilities room, retired to my ‘kuti’ where I am now recovering.

    Please extend my apologies to George and the other guests. Thank you.

    1. No problem – we were wondering where you got to … the talk was excellent (for an academic view) and charmingly presented. Georges will lead the discussion on consciousness at the Tai Pan on Sat 28th also.


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