The Cappuccino Club is back
(minus the cappuccinos!)

Topic: the Indian Sage Ramana Maharshi

Saturday 25th April 12:30-3:30


Meet up for lunch, film and discussion on the topic of the famous Indian Sage Ramana Maharshi. This teacher has been a huge influence for spiritual seekers, and is someone you should know about! He is generally understood to have been a fully enlightened being.

We’ll be in the elegant Indus Restaurant, sukhumvit 26. The documentary is under an hour long, and we’ll follow it with a discussion on what enlightenment really is, and the nature of enlightened people.

  • 12:30 Meet for lunch (300 baht/person)
  • 3:30 finish

There is no charge for this event, other than the food cost. If you are joining, please join the lunch too – we can’t separate people who are eating and people who are not – it is excellent food at the Indus! And part of this cost is appreciation for the room and facilities.
There is no need to book in advance, but it’d be helpful to mention at one of our meetings if you are intending to go, so we can estimate the numbers.


Ramana Maharshi

ramana_maharshi_01This was an Indian Sage who lived 1879-1950. As a young boy he lay down and imagined to himself what it might be like to die – and from that point he entered into a series of enlightenment experiences. He soon made his way to Arunacula Mountain, which he seemed to  consider to be a holy place, and remained there the rest of his life. He sank deeper and deeper into silence, and became totally withdrawn, but was supported by the local ashrams. His natural radiance attracted people, and later in life he began to speak, eventually becoming a great teacher.

He always remained quiet though, and spoke very little. His teaching remained very simple and direct. In fact, visitors reported that the most powerful teaching he gave was his silence, which would inspire thousands.

It is generally understood that Ramana Maharshi was a fully enlightened being – call it Nibbana, Moksha, or Union with God, whatever you will.

The main discussion points are

  • who is enlightened (does it matter what religion they follow?)
  • how can we tell and does it matter
  • what is enlightenment

There is required reading for this event! You must download and read the very short document:

Who Am I _text

…. which shows the approach of Ramana Maharshi of how to practise. It is only a short text, so no excuses!

There are alternate language versions, plus longer texts on the main Ramana website here.


Cappuccino Club

Cappuccino club FEOur ‘Cappuccino Club’ is an informal gathering for meditation yogis and people interested in Buddhism etc… We pick a topic, set required reading that everyone must do beforehand (no one ever does it though!) and meet up for discussion.

This is an alternative format to our usual Dharma talks, and a chance to get to know some of the other faces and what they think.

In the past we had some great discussions on topics like The Bodhisattva Vow, The Little Prince, Interfaith, even Relations with Family! And we did movies like Marjoe, The Life of Brian, and documentaries on creativity and consciousness.

You don’t need to be smart, a meditatior, or a Buddhist – just come with an open mind.



The Indus Restaurant [website]
#71, Sukhumvit Soi 26
Go to Phrom Phong BTS Station
Walk along Soi 26 for 700 meters (takes 6-8 minutes walking)