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Cappuccino Club – Sudden Enlightenment or Gradual Training — 2 Comments

  1. Hello everybody,
    the theme of the gradual and/or the sudden is currently also being used by ADIDAS: “I trained 17 years to become an overnight success.” (cf. footballer Lionel Messi).
    Many examples in Theravada Buddhism of long gradual training with a BANG at the end can be found in the verses of the Enlightened Elders (Theragatha/Therigatha). The PTS translation of these books is available for download in PDF from here.
    If there really was such a thing as sudden enlightenment without prior hard work (in this or previous lifetimes) could your mind take it? Mine couldn’t.
    Have a good session with this theme.
    Best wishes
    Samaneri Viveka

  2. I plan on attending and I hope you will provide us with a working definition of ‘enlightenment’ as a framework for our discussion since there are numerous definitions out there.
    c u then