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Careful what you feel — 3 Comments

  1. I Thailand it doesn’t make much difference regarding the bare shoulder, but in Europe and US the monks wear shirts underneath that cover both shoulders.
    More of a point is wearing a coat in cold climates – the monks almost never wear a coat, though you can layer up underneath, it can still get cold.

  2. Sorry for being impertinent, but I am curious about Buddhist monk’s robe which covers only one shoulder. When it’s hot, does the covered arm become stuffy? When it’s cold, the uncovered arm should be freezing? So in a way, does it function similarly with hair-cloth, i.e, penitence, except that it’s focused on only one part of the body?
    If this question is too inappropriate, just forget I asked 🙂

  3. This is the practice of real mindfulness. Sometimes it is called ‘awareness of awareness’ – you feel the mind as it condenses around an object of attention, and ‘bring it back’. You do not let your mind get absorbed in an object from any of the senses. The conscious mind is maintained, without being conscious of anything in particular.

    The above statement is intriguing…if there is no consciousness of anything, are there any thoughts? And what of sensations…are there not any sensations? When u say “you feel the mind…and ‘bring it back’, is this not consciously being done…by the “you”? Or is it all just being witnessed by awareness? If so, then what’s the difference between ‘awareness of awareness’ & just letting whatever happens happen??

    Pardon my hopefully not too inappropriate questions!

    Thanks for the article …& your response!!