‘Cause and Karma Effect’

Three evening special, with Sayalai Caru Dassini
at Ariyasom Villa, Sukhumvit Soi 1


We host one of our regular visiting teachers from Myanmar – Sayalai Caru Dassini for a three evening special on the topic of Karma.

She has excellent English and is both a scholar and meditation teacher. Events are free of charge and do not require advance booking. We’re covering her air fare to come here, so donations are welcome to help cover the costs.


  • Monday 17th November
  • Tuesday 18th November
  • Wednesday 19th November

6:30pm gather for refreshments
6:50pm go up to the dharma hall
6:55pm Dharma talk, questions
8:15pm finish (we won’t go over time)

At Ariyasom Villa (map below)


About the Topic

karma-4Karma is one of the most difficult topics in Buddhism and Indian thought. There are different interpretations of it, and different aspects. Usually, what you hear of as Karma is some kind of fatalistic teaching. Actually it is rather more involved and precise than most people would think.

Different seminal Buddhist texts deal with this topic, dividing it into 3 (or sometimes 4) sets of 4 kinds of Karma. We’ll be looking at the 3 sets. Confused? Then come along and join. Each set is a logical whole, so you can still follow even if you can only make it one of the nights. Abbreviated notes will be posted after each event.


About Caru Dassini

Now in her mid 40’s Mae Chee Caru Dassini has been in robes for over 20 years. She has lots of experience. She comes from the intense practise lineage of Sayadaw U Pandita lineage. She is also well qualified in Abhidhamma (intricate Buddhist philosophy and psychology) and the Pali Suttas.

Sayalai Caru Dassini at Ariyasom
Sayalai Caru Dassini at Ariyasom

Sayalai Caru Dassini has excellent English, and is very clear and focussed. We have hosted her a number of times before and are definitely keen to keep welcoming her in Bangkok. You will find her a clear and precise guide, with excellent communication skills.

She also recently opened a centre for women to practise meditation in Rangoon, which we would like to support. Throughout her stay we will take donations which, after air fare, will go towards her humble centre.

If you are interested – ‘Caru Dassini’ is her name. ‘Sayalai’ is a polite way of addressing her – equivalent to ‘Ajahn’ in Thai.


Ariyasom Villa

Ariyasom is Trip Advisor’s top rated boutique hotel in Bangkok.


It is a real oasis in the middle of the city – situated alongside the canal, and beautifully designed (the owner is a graduate in Landscape design from Harvard!). They have a really great vegetarian restaurant for Thai and International cuisine. Including some serious home made desserts (got to earn your calorie credits first by walking there!).

You wan walk easily from Nana, or Phloen Chit BTS Station.

From Ploen Chit, walk to Sukhumvit Soi 1 and then along the soi to the end. You can also take a motorcycle from the end of Soi 1. Takes about 8 minutes walking.

Ariyasom -with-expressway
click to enlarge