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Chakra Meditation — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve been using a variation of this technique for years. Really helps balance one’s energy.

    • Interesting. I can’t do it. I went last month – but I just don’t ‘see’ things in my mind. Never have. I have absolutely no idea what people are experiencing, ‘cos I don’t see colours, swirls, energy and all the rest. I have concepts, and I have thoughts. But can’t see anything. Still I know many people do, so I am glad there are teachers around who can put it to use.

  2. Gary Zukav in “Heart of the Soul” used chakra meditation, and there was no visualisation – breathing in love and trust and breathing out anger and fear. Surely visualisation is only one way.

    Others use colours yet there is no consistency with the colours to use.

    Mind you, there is no consistency with the chakra system ie how many etc. For me chakras are about coming to terms with your energy by whichever system you are most comfortable with.

    Bhante, I use compassion, breathing in compassion in and out of each chakra. Use your favourite concept/meditation – peace?

  3. I am interested in Chakra Meditation for long time but never learn before. Just heard a lot of illness get well from this meditation. So, i would join it. How to subscribe this? Pls. kindly let me know. Thank you very much.