I started organising events as the little Bangkok Sangha in 2007. There was practically no dharma in English in Bangkok at the time. And what little that was going on, was not well advertised.

I tried to work with local groups, but they proved very unwilling for some reason. So I jsut decided to do it myself. I had to learn how to write a website, how to write copy, do graphics … etc… all a steep learning curve. And had to learn public speaking too.

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Meditation Lineage

Our Little Bangkok Sangha is not fixed on any particular meditation style, lineage or temple: Mahasi Sayadaw, Abhidhamma, , Vipassana, Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Dhammadaro etc … Our common thread at LittleBang is not a teacher, but the English Language. If it is Dhamma in English, then it may be included. As for different lineages – we’ll provide information on events, and its up to you all to decide if you like/trust the lineage and teacher.

Little Bang

How did the name ‘ Little Bang ‘ come about?

Well, Samsara, say the scientists, began with a Big Bang. If you undertake meditation or study a little about Enlightenment, you begin the humble process of bringing Samsara to an end (for you and others). So maybe Samsara will end with this, little, Bang. That, and LittleBang is easy to google without too many hits to choose from. ‘ Bangkok Meditation Guide ‘ is what we are.

Other names were considered and argued over.

Some site names:

Silent Mind
Empty Stone
Sealed Knot (reference to Cromwell’s era)
Green Stick (Tolstoy reference)
Herding Cats (reference to controlling thoughts)
Bangkok Compass
Mind Compass

Some subtexts:course in meditation, dhamma and mindfulness

Bangkok Meditation Crowd
Bangkok Meditation Cafe
Bangkok Meditation Resource
Bangkok Meditation Reference
Bangkok Meditation Group

Bangkok Meditation Meet
Bangkok Meditation Focus
Bangkok Meditation Compass
Bangkok Meditator Almanac
Bangkok Meditator’s Gatherings
Bangkok Events Calendar for Meditation
Bangkok Insight Meditation Guide
Bangkok Guide for meditation
Bangkok Spiritual Practise Almanac
Bangkok guide for Meditation stuff
Meditation guide for Bangkok
International Meditators Group
The Meditation Group of Bangkok
International Meditation club / group (‘club’ is already taken)
Bangkok International Meditation Crowd/Group etc .. Bangkok Buddhism ..

for the sake of people googling with the wrong spellings : Bhuddhism in Bangkok, Bhuddism bangkok Thailand, Bhudda dharma Bangkok, Buddism information Thailand.

And yes, that was an utterly shameful attempt at stacking up meta data for the search engine bots to file away. 🙂