Course in Jainism

For one month, from the 22nd April, those with a month to spare, and a driving interest in Indian thought and traditions, there is a course coming up in Mahidol University that is free of charge, exploring the Jain tradition.

Buddhism and Jainism have a lot in common as they are two branches of the same Sramana tradition of Indian philosophy and religion and both have much to share and learn from each other. We complement and supplement each other and hence it is imperative that we start this study and dialog to further strengthen the cultural and educational ties between Thailand and India.

It does look very interesting and worthwhile – so long as you have lots of free time.

Jainism was a contemporary religion to Buddhism, and the leaders of the two traditions inhabited the same region of India at the same time. Though interactions with the Jains appear in the Buddhist suttas, we have to accept that the Buddhist records of this have been skewed to favour the Buddha. In fact the Jain tradition is very much deeper and more relevant than the Buddhist Suttas would have us believe. The ideas were very similar in many respects, as were the practises.

You can see the announcement and hectic shcedule in the WORD documents below: