Dhamma talk/meditation with Abbots of Abhayagiri Temple

After almost a year of planning, we are happy that Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Amaro, joint abbots of Abhayagiri temple in California will pause their travel plans to stop and support the International Dhamma community in Bangkok. This is a special chance for us in Bangkok to meet with two such well known and respected Abbots from the Forest Monasteries of Ajahn Chah.

Kindly hosted by the Tavana Dhamma Foundation at the Tavana Hotel, Surawongse Road, there is no charge, and no need to register in advance. However, early arrival ensures a suitable seat.

Dhamma Talk

Thursday 21st January 2010

With Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Amaro

Joint abbots of Abhayagiri Temple, California

Please help forward details of this extra special event to anyone who might be interested to attend. If you are not free in the afternoon, it is fine to attend in the evening only – however, do try and make the whole day, as it is not often we can enjoy this kind of opportunity. The Schedule is as follows:

4:00 – 6 pm

The Way of Insight

Ajahn Amaro will outline the way Vipassana meditation affords insight, and how these insights become a vehicle for liberation. Focus is on practical meditation, and there will be plenty of time to raise your individual experiences and questions, to take advantage of Ajahn’s 30+ years experience meditating in Forest temples. If time allows we will do a group meditation too.

** Half hour for refreshments (no charge) **

6:45-8:30 pm

Taking the Practise a Step Further

Ajahn Pasanno talks on moving beyond the level of occasional meditator. Many people have done retreats or meditation workshops from time to time, but to transform that into a regular and stable practise that integrates with daily life is a step further. We have to keep one eye on spiritual progress though times of great and little inspiration, and both rely on, and support each other as a wider group of practitioners.


Venerable Ajahn Pasanno

Ven. Pasanno Bhikkhu took ordination in Thailand in 1974 and during his first year as a monk he was taken by his teacher to meet Ajahn Chah, with whom he asked to be allowed to stay and train. One of the early residents of Wat Pah Nanachat (International Forest Monastery in NE Thailand), Ven. Pasanno became its abbot in his ninth year as a Bhikkhu. Under his leadership Wat Pah Nanachat developed considerably, both in physical size and in reputation. Ajahn Pasanno became a well-known and highly respected monk and Dhamma teacher in Thailand. On New Year’s Eve of 1997 Ajahn Pasanno moved to California to share the abbotship of the newly opening Abhayagiri Monastery, where he still resides.

Many of Ajahn Pasanno’s books or dhamma talks in both Thai and English are available on the internet. Some books from the Ajahn Chah lineage will be available for free distribution too.

Venerable Ajahn Amaro

Born in England in 1956, Ven. Amaro Bhikkhu received his BSc. in Psychology and Physiology from the University of London. Spiritual searching led him to Thailand, where he would up at Wat Pah Nanachat, a traditional forest monastery established for Western disciples of the great Thai meditation master Ajahn Chah. He ordained as a monk there in 1979. He later returned to England and joined Ajahn Sumedho in the newly established forest sangha. Following many teaching trips at the invite of the California Sanghapala Foundation during the 1990s, in 1996 he became abbot of the newly founded Abhayagiri temple there.

He authored the book Silent Rain, an account of his 830 mile walk across Britain, and a second book Small Boat, Great Mountain.

On June 16th, 2005 Ajahn Amaro returned to Abhayagiri after spending one year on sabbatical visiting Buddhist holy places in India, Nepal, and Bhutan.


The event is kindly hosted free of charge by the very beautiful Tawana Hotel Dhamma project, led by Tahn Chao Khun Bunma.

Tawana Hotel, 80 Suriwongse Road, Bangkok 10500.

Sala Daeng BTS station is a 7-8 min. walk, and Samyan MRT is 4-5 minutes walk away. There is plenty of free parking in the hotel, accessible from the front on Suriwongse Road.

Any further enquiries please us the comments box below, or in private via the CONTACT page.

See you there!


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  1. I might mention, when I was a novice in England Ajahn Sumedho was generally away travelling/teaching. The temple operated very well without him, but there was a vacuum at the top.
    At this point Ajahn Amaro swept in from the US, and there was a general uplift in the atmosphere. He could take control and put a steady hand on the tiller, with his easy manner and great Dhamma Talks. There was always something of a buzz of interest and sharpening of committment when he was around. I have not met him again since then, so I am particularly glad he will be here this time.

  2. We are a couple from Sweden, arriving to Bangkok 20 jan.
    We would like to take part of this teachings.
    We are buddhists and our sangha is Karme Tenpe Gyaltse, Stockholm.
    Is it OK?
    May triple gems bless you all

  3. เจ้จัยฟ้าสงมาไห้ ยุวพุดเค้าส่งมาไห้ดูอ่า

  4. sorry that i heard lately. if this such seminar is hold again, please let me konw.
    thank you for your kindness
    natpawee k.

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