Dharma Circle at Baan Aree

The Little Bangkok Sangha is happy to announce the next meeting of the Dharma Circle, a series of in-person meetings at Baan Aree, the beautiful location so generously made available to us by the Baan Aree foundation. The meeting will be held on Monday 3 June 2024 from 06:10 – 8.00 PM Bangkok time.

We will be reading together from the classic book ‘What the Buddha Taught’ by Ven. Rahula Walpola. For this meeting we will continue to read Chapter 4: Noble Truth on the Cessation of Dukkha – Nirodha. It may be helpful to read the text in advance. The book is easily purchased online (US$8.45 from Amazon), or at local English language bookstores in Bangkok. An electronic version of this book can be accessed via

Understanding how important good friends are in supporting the noble path, Buddha’s disciple Ananda declared “This is half of the holy life: admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie.” To which the Buddha replied: “Don’t say that Ananda. Don’t say that. Admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie is actually the whole of the holy life.”

The Dharma Circle is an open space to come together for an evening of reading, discussion, and meditation. The purpose of the Dharma Circle is to study and reflect on Buddha Dharma together. The idea is to maintain a community of friends to support our practice and application. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to scholars. Please note that the Dharma Circle is not a taught course but simply a reading group. It is not necessary to have attended previous sessions and you may drop in on individual sessions.

Venerable Walpola Rahula (1907–1997), was a Buddhist monk, scholar, writer and one of Sri Lanka’s most eminent intellectuals. In 1964, he became the Professor of History and Religions at Northwestern University, thus becoming the first bhikkhu to hold a professorial chair in the Western world.

‘What the Buddha Taught’ was first published in 1959 and is still one of the most popular introductions to Buddhism in the West. Using translations directly from the Pali canon, Ven. Walpola presents the basic tenets of Buddhism from the Four Noble Truths to Anatta (The Doctrine of No-soul) in a relatively direct and unflinching manner.

Baan Aree is a Thai Buddhist Center, please wear something that is comfortable to sit in, and avoid tight-fitting clothes, shorts, sleeveless tops, and short skirts. There may not be sufficient drinking water on site, therefore you may bring your own water in a closed container. No other food/drinks are allowed in the main room.

There is no charge for this event, however, the Little Bangkok Sangha follows the Buddhist custom of Dana (generosity). The venue is offered as an act of generosity, and if participants wish, they may reciprocate by making donations towards the venue’s costs. A box for Dana will be provided.

The Dharma Circle will be facilitated by experienced practitioners.


  • 6:00 pm Baan Aree opens
  • 6:10 pm Opening meditation
  • 6:25 pm Reading and Discussion
  • 7:25 pm Closing meditation
  • 7:45 pm Session ends
  • 8:00 pm Baan Aree closes

Baan Aree Foundation : https://goo.gl/maps/1FuCuvCtNdPMAL4F9