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Dharma Diet — 6 Comments

  1. Having experienced the positive results of the Master Cleanse Lemon Diet for several years, it’s easy for me to endorse the content of this article. I have, personally, gone for over 20 some days several times without eating any solid food with remarkable and notable health benefits. My experience is that after about the first 3 days of eating no food, only occasionally sipping a mixture of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and a pinch of cayenne pepper, the hunger pangs decrease while my energy level increases just like the claims of the adherents predict. It’s also a really great feeling to be master of your craving for a change, and that’s a rare empowerment when it comes to food you love.

  2. That’s great – “A master of your craving, for a change.” That’s how come I did my first fast, in the monastery where half my day revolved around food, and a scramble to get the good bits before the rest of the community. I had to teach myself a lesson, and so I learned I can do without food for 6 days, and it is no big deal.
    Of course I still love Annapurna (Indian food) but I know I can do without just as easily.
    Today’s food.
    Breakfast: 1 cup of hot water
    Lunch : I cup of oats
    Dinner : 1 cup of green tea.


  3. Very interesting article … I really like the concept of not being ruled by cravings .. they after all only in the mind … I have a little experience with this when diagnosed ‘diabetic’ what a shock .. and how could I possibly not eat chocolate, and ask for no sugar in all of my Thai cooked food .. the first reaction, now I look back .. was quite amazing .. now I hardly ever eat chocolate or fried foods etc., and have no thought about it .. it is just what I do 🙂

    I have one question though … the doc informed me that it was important to eat 3 meals a day if I wanted to lose weight because my body would not know when food was coming so it would store fat ???? plus am not sure about the diabetic side and fasting .. it would probably be really good for me !! (mind?)

    At the moment I am looking at this as an experience to experience, as I have done with everything on my journey .. and the thought process that springs up immediately on anything about diet and/or not eating … quite fascinating 🙂

    There is now for me an understanding re thought and heart, action and reaction .. choice in the moment and before the moment .. and yet I had not considered fully the process of thought – heart – re food … hmmmm Thought says ‘poor me .. cant have this or that’ heart says ‘yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay’ … lol

    Thank you 🙂

  4. When it comes to medical advice of course we have to be careful – too many people have some belief that they tell others is true!
    But that goes for Doctors also.
    The documentary Eat, Fast and Live Longer by medical doctor Michael Mosley is available to download if you can use Bit Torrent. Otherwise I have it on my tablet, so I can put it on a thumb drive for anyone who wants it (can’t do THAT with an iPad hehe)
    Low calorie and fasting diets are well proven to reduce cholesterol, normalise blood sugar, triglycerides etc and promote production of growth hormone.
    Some research on it here
    But in the case of a genuine medical condition you have to be careful, and do your research.
    But I seriously doubt the advice given to millions who are told they are hypoglycemic and have to eat every 3 hours – it’s like nicotine addiction – your body is so used to it, it feels difficult to stop. But if you train your body to go without food, it quickly gets used to it, and has time to heal itself.

  5. Dear Bhante, I nod a lot when reading your blog, but this time I can’t. There are medical conditions that some can’t go without regular meals. My family has stomach ulcer, and mine exploded into a chronic one after a long stay at the hospital once. Just two weeks ago I bowled over with ulcer over a weekend after eating irregularly a few days before. Saying so, I agree about power of mind to refrain excessive eating or snacks such as chocolate, thanks for this reminder!