Dharma Talk – Buddha: the Man

Thursday March 14th 

at the Indian Cultural Centre,
Sukhumvit 23, Asoke BTS/MRT

Dharma Talk with Pandit Bhikkhu

‘Buddha the Man’

Free of charge, no reservation required.


The Buddha has become a mythic figure, inspiring millions, imbuing cultures and guiding spiritual aspirations for 2500 years. But in the original suttas – the records we have from India – he was very much an ordinary man, who attained to something special. He insisted that anyone can attain to the same discovery that he had made. Buddha the man had doubts, backache, made mistakes and changed his mind. He also had embarked on a remarkable and inspiring voyage of spiritual discovery while wandering across the Ganges valley.

We’ll look at the human side of the Buddha, and how his own distinguished journey is mirrored by our own voyage of self-discovery.


Pandit Bhikkhu has been a Buddhist monk in Thailand for 16 years, and has practised in several different lineages. Living in Bangkok he finished a degree in psychology, which has influenced his pragmatic speaking style. He is ordained in the Theravada lineage of Buddhism, known as ‘The Way of the Elders’. His interests include faerie tales, psychology, early Buddhism, and various realms of science.


The Indian Cultural Centre is located a few minutes walk from ASOKE BTS and MRT stations, on the corner of Sukhumvit 23. Enter the lobby, and take the lift (or stairs!) to level 27. The meeting hall is cool, quiet and spacious.

There are also plenty of local coffee shops and restaurants to try out after the talk with other participants.


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  1. Thank you for keeping me informed. I truly appreciate the kindness and the inclusiveness of the Indian Cultural Centre and when I am in Bangkok I always feel welcome to visit. Thank you , thank you for your kindness toward me.
    Sincerely, Don

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