Directions … and weekly meditation

Monday night meditation has ended for the time being. We have weekly meetings going already, and some upcoming events to be busy with. Anyone who would like to keep the Monday practise going is welcome to join yoga instructor Nat at Ariyasom Villa. She teaches a gentle form of yoga from 5:30 – 6:30pm and this will be followed by a silent sitting meditation. You can join the yoga class (there are charges for this) or just join the meditation afterwards (no charge).

At the end of November, we will look again at having a weekly meditation session somewhere convenient (for you skytrain liners that is). Options are Ariyasom as before, which is a great atmosphere and environment. We can also head to Wat Yannawa next to Sarthorn Station for the cold season – they have a nice rooftop we can use for free! /////

The main question is do you all want something weekly like this, or switch to a monthly Dhamma Talk or similar session? We could hold a twice monthly event split between various locations – Monteray Place, Planet Yoga and others…  There are various options like this available.

We’ll decide something in November – but if it is to be a weekly meditation like before, we’ll probably have to switch to Wednesdays.

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  1. Weekly meditations please. And in one immutable venue if possible. Dhamma talks come and go but the meditations were a reassuring anchor I always looked forward to!

  2. I agree with Jennifer. I think the weekly meditation it’s one of our most important activities. We could begin on Wednesdays inMonterey place if possible?

  3. I agree with Jennifer and Rubby. My ideal would be a weekly at Ariyasom not linked to a yoga session. I understand there is impermanence but must we therefore add to it? 🙂
    I could live with a changing venue as long as it’s a clear deal. Do receive my gratitude for past meditation sessions, work shops and dhamma talks.

  4. good 🙂 lets get a few more views over the next week or so.
    We’ve been working on the Monteray angle but it has to pass the board meeting, and I think the next one is in January. I’m quite keen on Way Yannawa for the cold season, as we can go outside on the roof.

    1. I’m for Yannawa. Make the most of the cooler climate I say, and as you often say – not everyone likes aircon!

    2. I have enjoyed the break but would also like to continue meeting with others weekly. Outside sounds nice!

  5. I’d vote for weekly meditation too (preferably at Ariyason). Please note not everyone is skytrain liners and the traffic at South Sathorn near the Sathorn bridge is … you know it well. If whatever the event you’re going to organize at Wat Yannawa will be held at the same evening rush hour as the weekly meditation at Ariyason, it makes the access by motorist like myself totally unrealistic (even though I live not far from there). Wat Yannawa is near the 3rd busiest intersection in Thailand called Surasak.

  6. I’m aware of transport issues – but we don’t have a lot of options. And any place is good for some, and not for others. Jun and I would be better on the Thonburi side 🙂 – I have to do the most travelling, getting over Sathorn several times a week. Some people are on the skytrain line, and others on the underground…
    But I think Wat Yannawa should be accessible from the tollway – it lands very close by. Just the one big set of lights to get through.
    Also we can change around once in a while. Ari or Mor Chit have some options we could look into too over the hot season.

  7. I guess if any of us could find any other place we could use more conveniently located, free of charge, we could see those possibilities also. The idea is to have a place (any) for the time being, to continue with the weekly meditation, otherwise we could stop until we get the chance of finding another place as convenient as Ariyasorn. Maybe in a month or 2 or 3 or…
    We all could be proactive and help to find a place (located near BTS or MRT stations, free or very cheap, and proper for meditation) or accept what P. Pandit can find for us (BTW, Thanks a lot, Pandit) … or meditate at home :-).
    Unfortunatelly sometimes we take for granted what we have and just complain when we don’t have it anymore!!

  8. Thank you very much for my info in this page. May I add more detail about my class?
    Some time people came with misunderstanding.

    ‘Restorative yoga with Nat’ @ Ariyason Villa 3rd floor meditation room

    Every Monday and Thursday from 5:30 pm to 6:30pm
    400 baht for drop-in, 1000 baht for 3 class ticket.
    After the class, yoga students can stay
    for meditation self-practice until 7pm.

    People coming for meditation self-practice,
    please enter quietly after the yoga class has finished,
    The studio will close at 7pm.

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