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Do You Guru? Saturday April 23rd — 10 Comments

  1. I saw a documentary on Osho once – the place in the US had its own police, fire and hospital services. And built in the middle of the Bible Belt too… nuts.

    I get him mixed up with the Beatles guy .. And then there’s Sai
    Baba and others. Are Gurus still relevant?

  2. Yes I caught the mistake – but those of you on subsctiption email notices will get the first version with the wrong date in the URL.
    Thanks for pointing it out though – I often miss the mistakes. 🙂

  3. Date inadvertently placed as March 23 instead of April 23. Please amend. Noted, shall try to attend it.

  4. That raises the question of exactly what is a Guru? In the Tibetan tradition there is Guru Yoga where you are supposed to view your teacher as a living Arahant, if not a Buddha. But that is more a case of respecting an ideal, within your teacher and yourself, as a skillful practice.
    It is probably not the same thing as the Hindu Guru/Avatars who are considered to be incarnations of God, and attract mass followings.

    The role of the teacher vs guru, and the issue of following charismatic figures are all good topics for the discussion!

    The Non-self point – it means that there is no permanent, unchanging Atman; not that there is no self of any kind. We have characteristics.

  5. ‘Are gurus relevant?’

    I work with a guru. I’m lucky to have direct contact, and he’ll talk with me over skype or email when I ask.

    He has a relatively small following which allows a lot of personal individual work with people who show commitment to the path.

    Without his input I’d be just listening to different aspects of myself all the time. And apparently I don’t exist, so who are you going to trust really!?

    • Cool. See you there. I’m actually interested in how relevant Gurus are these days. 20 years ago they were still the ‘thing’. But it seems people are after something more grounded these days (Buddhism?). Or is that just because of where I am?

  6. I think of religion and spirituality as very separate ideas with very little in common. Religions have traditions that are supported by proselytizing or specifically indoctrinated clergy. Spiritual experiences need to be explained by spontaneous Guru style advocates. We will have to see if the discussion followes this tract.

  7. Sooo sorry I cannot make it zoo-daze. I have a biz appt with the Miracle Man at his sanctuary. Master Pandit, what an exquisite choice you made for zoo-daze: the film, the discussion, etc. Too bad the event is not being videotaped. PERHAPS YOU CAN GIVE A SECOND SHOWING NEXT MONTH? What a wonderful idea. To the dance, Richard

    • Next one is on ‘Creativity’ – but have to see how much interest there is in this format. Certainly we had some great events at the Tai Pan – Marjoe was fabulous. Good luck with the Miracle Man!