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Does Metta meditation affect the recipients? — 3 Comments

  1. Phra Pandit, i have heard from many folks who “specialize” in leading metta meditation that it is easier for many Westerners to send metta to their pets than to their selves. Unconditional love is much easier to send to your slobby obedient Labradoodle than your slobby disobedient self.

    • That the meta meditation teacher holds that view speaks as much to that person teaching as it does to practicing metta. It does not need to be so.

      I have sat numerous metta meditation retreats, ranging from one week to a month. Upon completion of the construction of our house in Ram Kham Haeng in April I will return to the US for a few months. After my return I will offer metta sittings and instruction at the house for those who are interested.

  2. Edward, these meditation teachers are responding to expressed concerns. Please note though that our cozy little sangha, the green papaya, often shares speakers with the New Life Foundation. Good luck on your metta meditation meeting. We can all use more metta.