Below are some talks of Pandit Cittasamvaro. Audio recording and editing is an art that takes some learning …. so quality should improve as time goes on. Please report if you have problems listening, making sure you mention what kind of machine (Android, Mac, Iphone, Windows etc..) you are using.

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Audio files: Right click to download, or click to play:

 Inch worms and the cinema screen – talk on the unconditioned

Getting Started with Meditation

Cultivation of Good Qualities (part of the meditation course 2014)

Vipassana – investigating states (part of the meditation course 2014)

Using Impermanence in Meditation (part of the meditation course 2014)

Patience with Suffering (part of the meditation course 2014)

Consciousness of One Thing at a Time (part of the meditation course 2014)

The Future of Karma – Singapore 2011

Raising Chickens – Singapore 2011

The Miracle of Mindfulness Singapore 2011

Controlling the mind with Right Effort Singapore 2011

Stillness in a Fast World: Talk in Singapore Aug. 2011: talk on keeping one eye on the spiritual goal while going about business as usual.

Bonaparte Will Come This Way: Final Talk, Hawaii 2012: Talk on repressing thoughts and feelings, and the importance of distinguiching what is psychology (for healing) and what is Buddhism (Enlightenment)

Small Acts of Resistance Hawaii May 2012, Bodhi Tree Centre: There’s nothing you can do to make yourself enlightened. But there are some small things you can do that snowball. Talk on what Ego is in Buddhism and Freud, and how to develop it.

Reps, Reps, Reps Hawaii May 2012, Palolo Zen Centre: Following is a talk on Cittanupassana, mindfulness of mind, and keeping up the exercises, on the third night of a Vipassana retreat in Hawaii, April 2012 – aimed at encouraging yogis to keep up with the effort.

Eye for Dukkha Hawaii, May 2012, Palolo Zen Centre: The talk the following night was on Mindfulness of Dhamma – the fourth foundation of mindfulness, and especially opening the awareness of Dukkha:

Creating Your World Hawaii, May 2012, Palolo Zen Centre: Final talk of a 6 day retreat, looking at attachment, at the Palolo Zen Centre, Hololulu.

Then What? Hawaii, May 2012, at Bodhi Tree Dharma Centre: What is the point of anything? Honolulu – a fun night and good crowd.

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  1. your downloads could’nt have come at a better time !
    the talks have helped so much while staying in a motorhome
    in the mountains of rainy wales .
    Thanks phra Pandit

  2. It is a great talk. I will try to get rid of ego. I feel that ego is the thing that making me stupid.

  3. Enjoyed “Bonaparte will come this way”; I speak English only which hinders my quality of life in Bangkok and to learn Buddhism. I look forward to know more about Little Bang.

  4. Thanks for the downloads Ajahn .Not having any luck on opening two of them which are..Vipassana Investigation states, and Patience With Suffering ,Hope you can fix it as the rest are fine thankyou.

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