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  1. I’d like to note and give a very special thanks to Rubby for her incredible warmth and generous spirit in organize and ensuring the daily funeral rituals proceeded. It is because of her efforts that I am everyone else who came to Wat Taht Tong was able to pay respect to Holly’s memory, her grieving family and also to each other. Thank you, Rubby!!

  2. Yes! Can anyone believe that when I looked at these photos I smiled so much? Ruby is a gem just like her name suggests. I miss her as much as I miss Holly.

  3. Ive been out of touch here, but thanks for posting this…

    How did Holly Die?

    How good to find out more about her, even though whe has ‘moved on’ now…

  4. Follow the link above for :
    28th April 2007 announcement, and tributes

    to see the circumstances of Holly’s passing.