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With impermancence being the way of things in Buddhism, so all things start to slip away into the past no matter how much we’d like them to stay.

In this post then are the links to all the blogs and photos concerning Dr Holly Dugan.

All the photos of Holly (if you have more send them and we will add to the folder)

In 2007 Dr Holly encouraged myself, Pandit, to keep our meetings going after a fun and varied series of Dhamma talks. We invited speakers, visited venues, some day trips and weekend meditation retreats … what dhamma (and psychology) has been present in Bangkok over the last four years owes something of a nod to the contribution, support and direction of Holly. In particular she shared the idea that we should give a forum for people to meet and become a sangha, rather than just arrange uni-directional talks.

The announcement that she had died came as a huge shock, being so sudden. Here are the many many kind messages that came pouring in – though many more were posted on facebook, email or personal contact. If you have a personal comment to add, please do so on the link:

28th April 2007 announcement, and tributes

According to her wishes discussed several days before she passed away, we held the funeral Thai style here in Bangkok. This included being taken to Wat Taht Tong, which is conveniently located for people to come and pay their last respects. Chanting ceremonies were held nightly for over a week, until the final funeral on Saturday 7th May 2011.

The funeral arrangements announcement


An obituary is pending : now posted up here we only knew her from her time in Bangkok. This last four years of her life was busy, bright, and touched the lives of many people.

Holly’s last years

If anyone has any further input, photos, or whatever, feel free to contact via the contact page and it will be included.

Be at peace Holly, with all our good wishes.

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  1. I’d like to note and give a very special thanks to Rubby for her incredible warmth and generous spirit in organize and ensuring the daily funeral rituals proceeded. It is because of her efforts that I am everyone else who came to Wat Taht Tong was able to pay respect to Holly’s memory, her grieving family and also to each other. Thank you, Rubby!!

  2. Yes! Can anyone believe that when I looked at these photos I smiled so much? Ruby is a gem just like her name suggests. I miss her as much as I miss Holly.

  3. Ive been out of touch here, but thanks for posting this…

    How did Holly Die?

    How good to find out more about her, even though whe has ‘moved on’ now…

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