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  1. Excellent info on Velikovsky.

    He was a pioneer in the field in many ways.

    His sources were the myths and religions of the world as a record of human experience, but these days we can add plasma research into the equation – and electrified plasma can be generated and studied in the lab. Common examples of electrified plasma are lightening, standard arc welding equipment, or most readily seen, the common fluorescent light tube.
    An overview of the theory, if you have an hour spare to work through it, is here : http://www.electric-cosmos.org/indexOLD.htm

    A good example of all this is the planet Venus which Velikovsky predicted would be boiling hot. He thought it had been ejected from the mass of Jupiter in some way.
    Venus turned out to be extremely hot – far hotter than the sunlight that supposedly heats it up (forget ‘runaway global warming’ – Venus is far hotter than that). The Electric Cosmos theory provides clear explanations of how this might happen, and incidentally, switches the likely donor planet to Saturn.