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Evolution of Mind States — 11 Comments

  1. This is too wild. Until last week I had never heard of evolution of mind states before. Now I find the notion wildly intriguing. I wish I was able to travel to attend. It doesn’t seem Phra Pandit has gone as far with it yet as Ajahn Suwattano. I’m waiting with baited breath for more information on the website.

    There is something about evolutionary aspect that fills me with optimism and hope for the future in place of the the feeling of doom and gloom as we continue to destroy our planet. Maybe our minds can evolve enough and we can stop fighting each other long enough to clean up our act?

    • I willprobably record, but it’ll take a long time to post – I want to learn flash to add in all the keywords etc.. to the video, and then start a youtube channel.

      • Have you tried using Youtube’s interface to add annotations and whatnot to vids? It’s much easier than learning to author Flash 😉

  2. sawaddee ka.
    my name is noi .
    i am a volunteer on sunday afternoon ,if you need someone to show the archive in english ,i will do it for you .
    i sign up to do volunteer touring and explain little about the dhamma picture and sculture .
    or if my english confused you in any way ,pls welcome to read for free at the book shop.

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