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AUG/SEPT/OCT First Fridays
Dhamma talk @Baan Aree with Pandit Bhikkhu
in English 6-8pm


Dharma talk with Pandit Bhikkhu.
There’s no charge, no need to reserve, and mats/chairs are provided.

  • Friday 2nd August:        MY MIND’S SUCH A SWEET THING
  • Friday 4th October :      MEDITATE BECAUSE YOU WANT TO

6:00pm gather (coffee shop on site)
6:25 meditation
7:45 dhamma talk, Q&A
8:00 finish (promptly)

We’re glad to be back at Baan Aree Library, where our group began 12 years ago. It is a great venue.

  • My Mind’s Such a Sweet Thing :- In Buddhism we separate the mind (buddha nature) from the content of the mind. Seeing the mind without content, reveals the naked mind. Which is ever present. 
  • Ricky Gervais is Wrong About Religion :- what the mystic (meditator) knows that no one else does. It is self evident and can be proven in direct experience.
  • Meditate Because You Want To:- Meditation is not about ‘wellness’ and ‘healing’. These things may be part of the path, but they are not the goal. 
Pandit Bhikkhu has been a Buddhist monk for 22 years in Thailand. He has a degree in psychology, and MA in Buddhist Studies. Various media of his are available online. This is the final Rains (3 month period) V. Pandit will be in Thailand. Come join in the live event!
Baan Aree Foundation has been supporting dharma in Bangkok for 12 years. Proceed to level 3 (above the library). It is close to Ari BTS Station. There is a substantial dharma library, and other activities there. 


Baan Aree has regular Dhamma meetings in Thai which are listed at their Thai website: http://baanaree.net/ .

The Library is directly on the Skytrain line. Go to Ari BTS station and walk back towards the victory monument about 20 meters and you should see the passage way to Baan Aree Library on the right hand side.

Baan Aree car park is accessible from the rear (Soi Ari 1) where you see the sign for ‘ BANANA FAMILY PARK ‘. Bus routes 8, 28, 29, 38, 54, 63, 74, 77, 108, 157, 177, 502, 503, 509, and 510 all pass by. Get out at Ari BTS Station.

click map to enlarge:

map to Baan Aree

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