Special Dhamma Series
with Jeff Oliver

The Four Refuges for the Wandering Mind
Four evenings at Ariaysom Villa, from
Tuesday 13th August-Friday 16th August

  • 6:30 gather at Ariyasom Villa
  • 6:50 go up to the meditation room
  • 8:15 end

refreshments served
Free of charge, no need for advance reservation


The Four Refuges for the Wandering Mind are known as the Satipatthana (foundations of mindfulness) and are the foundation of Vipassana or Insight Meditation Practise.

As such they are the one teaching that meditators come back to time and time again.

As usual Jeff will give us his insightful, and often humerous, take on these crucial guides to mindfulness meditation, and how to put them to use in a daily meditation practise.

  • Tuesday 13th August – Kaya satipatthana: mindfulness of form
  • Wednesday 14th August – Vedana satipatthana: mindfulness of liking/disliking
  • Thursday 15th August – Citta satipatthana: mindfulness of mind states
  • Friday 16th August – Dhamma satipatthana: mindfulness of dhamma principles

Each talk is complete in itself – so in case you cannot make it all four evenings, do attend when you can. Of course it’s better to come every evening though. We might post up recordings later (no promises, as these things can go awry)

Focus will be on the experiential and practical application in meditation, rather than academic.



Jeff is a well known vipassana teacher who formerly practised as a Buddhist Monk in Burma with several well known teachers. Currently he teaches often in Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand … leading meditation retreats and sharing dhamma. He’s well known with us in Bangkok and holds regular sessions here that  are well received.

We’ll also be holding a

  • social event with Jeff on Saturday 17th August, and a
  • Day-long Citta Satipatthana – Mindfulness of Mind States – Workshop on Sunday 18th August.

Details will go on the Calendar when they are confirmed.

Jeff will then be teaching a 4 day meditation retreat in the great facilities of the New Life Foundation in Chinag Rai – Details for the retreat are here. It’s a very nice place for retreat; cooler than Bangkok, low cost, and good food and dhamma hall.



Kindly hosted by the very beautiful Ariyasom Villa, boutique Hotel, Bangkok
Ariyasom is a quiet and relaxed family run hotel in the middle of Bangkok.
Go to Phloen Chit BTS and then along Sukhumvit Soi 1 to the end of the Soi. Takes about 8 minutes walking, or take a motorcycle from the entrance to Soi 1.

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